Top Ten Songs by George Strait

When you talk about country music today, one performer definitely comes off the lips of many. He is known as the reining king of country music. With well over 50 number one hits under his belt, how can any one argue that? George Strait has become a household name in country music. Keeping to his traditional sound throughout his career, which stems well over 34 albums and climbing, he has set the bar pretty high for the newcomers to country music. Starting his career late in life hasn’t seemed to be much of an obstacle for him. Since his debut album in 1981 when he scored his very first of many number ones, King George continues to pump out songs that just can’t lose.

“If You’re Thinking You Want a Stranger” went straight to number one marking his first- ever number one hit and giving him a jump start to his career. The album “Strait Country” cleverly named is the ground work for a long and lustrous career.

The follow-up album “Strait from the Heart” contained what would turn out to be one of the most requested songs ever: “Amarillo by Morning”. Radio stations across the country lit up with calls for this song. Burning up the country charts, this song has got to be one of the biggest songs of George Strait’s career.

Talk about burning up the charts, his smoking song from his fourth album “Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind” was “The Fireman.” It involves a more racy, out-of- character George, but still maintains that can’t miss style of song he is known for.

In 1985, George Strait went “strait” for the heart with his single “The Chair.” This slow cheek to cheek dance song shows the clever side to love and shot straight to number one which seems to be a trend with most of his songs.

The year 1987 wasn’t any different for George with his album “Ocean Front Property”. This album contained the funny swing-dancing tune “All My Exes Live in Texas.” Texas swing is a big part of George’s style and this song highlights this.

“Beyond the Blue Neon” was released in 1989. This album has a bit of significance to George. The single “Ace in the Hole” is also the name of his road band he tours around the country with. This song has become a club favorite or standard, as you would say.

The album “Livin’ It Up,” released in 1990, contained a couple more number ones to put under his belt. One stayed number one for well over five weeks entitled “Love Without End, Amen”. Now with several number ones in his resume, what more could this less than immortal country legend produce for his fans?

“Pure Country” was inspired and used as the sound track to the movie “Pure Country” which George Strait had a leading roll in. One of the most landmark songs on that soundtrack was “I Cross My Heart”. He sang this song to his love interest in the movie at the end. This is a must-see movie for the George Strait fan or just someone that appreciates a good love story.

After years of sappy love songs or fast paced dance numbers, in 1996 George Strait released an album “Blue Clear Sky”. “I Can Still Make Cheyenne” is a story about a rodeo man who is on the road a lot chasing after that next rodeo thrill, but meanwhile his other half is sitting at home waiting on him. She informs him she isn’t waiting for him any longer. Instead of this upsetting him, he decides instead of going home “if he hurries he can still make Cheyenne”. This is a different side of George but still has that quality that keeps producing number one hits.

To top off this long and winding road George has been up and down in his career, he released the album “50 Greatest Hits.” It marked his vast accomplishments over the years of all the 50 number one hits he has produced in less time than most artists. This album he had a single never released called “I Hate Everything” and it went straight to number one, giving him 51 number one hits. When will this ride he is on come to a stop? Probably nowhere in the near future, if ever. He is one of the finest country music artists out there today.

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