Profile of HP M22 Camera and Dock

Profile: HP M22 Digital Camera and Photo Dock

Dock $49.99
Camera $189.99

Comes out May 1, 2005

Technical aspects:
Panel buttons: TV button, printer or PC button
External I/O ports: USB A (printer), USB B (PC), A/V
Dimensions (W x H x D)/: 4.53 x 1.45 x 2.75 inches
Weight: 3.8 ounces (108g) without batteries

This lightweight weather resistant camera is smaller than most any digital camera I’ve ever tried. I’d suspect that most men would have issues getting used to it, as they have bigger hands. It was easy to use and produced pictures of much better quality than any camera I’ve tested lately. It comes with in camera red eye removal and the ability to take MPEG-1 movies with sound at 25 frames per second. You can store your images on SD and MMC memory cards, but the camera does come with 16 MB of its own internal memory. The camera gives you options ahead of time on what type of clarity you want: 4MP, 2MP, and VGA. I noticed that the camera does not however come with any compression software, so unless you already have obtained it elsewhere do not do as I did and take high resolution 4MP pictures and attempt to shrink them to email. Take the pictures in the VGA mode that is designed for emailing.

I noticed that the battery life was less than to be desired. I had to change out batteries daily as the camera had to be on to upload into the computer. It made up slightly for this by having a very user friendly screen with wonderful zoom features.

The camera dock was also simple and easy to use as it included the NiMH batteries and you can upload and transfer while your camera is off, thus saving battery life. You can also print and email straight from the dock; it was a timesaver. With the camera and dock station I could do a simple slideshow presentation for a business meeting of mine. I highly recommend this printer and dock station: The lightest, smallest and highest resolution camera for the cost.

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