Propane Tanks: Buy Used to Save Money

If you’re a bit of an outdoorsman, chances are you use more than your fair share of propane. You can use it to provide heat inside of a camper, create a nice fire in your grill, or do a number of other things. Getting a tank of propane is by no means inexpensive. A new propane tank can cost upwards of $60.00. This is a lot of money for fuel, think about how much gasoline you could buy for that! Fortunately you can get used propane tanks to save you money.

A lot of know that buying some things new, such as a car, is generally a financially unsound decision. The same is true for buying a propane tank. The price of the tank is actually about twice as much as the actual propane in it, so if you would be able to refill a propane tank, you’d be able to save a lot of money.

Of course it’s just not safe for you to fill up your own propane tank, but there are ways that you can trade in your empty propane tank plus a little bit of money and get another used and full propane tank. At places such as Home Depot you can bring in your empty propane tank and then get a full used propane tank for $17.00 for the standard size. If you don’t bring in an empty tank, you’ll have to pay $60.00 for a full tank.

Thanks to this trade-in policy, you will not only save money, but you will also be able to make sure that you have a safe propane tank. When the propane dealer picks up your propane tank, they’re required to re-qualify your tank, and make sure that it’s working just fine and everything’s on the up and up. This way you’ll always have a propane tank in good condition, making the possibility of your propane tank exploding much smaller.

Usually you’ll have to buy a new propane tank the first time, but then after that you can get a used one. You might be able to get a used grill and propane tank in the classifieds of on Craig’s List for much less than buying a new grill and a new propane tank.

Always be sure to read the safety instructions and handle them with the utmost of care. If you’re not careful and for whatever reason a propane tank explodes on you, you won’t be around to regret it. Always remember to stay safe, and stay frugal.

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