Pros and Cons of a Faucet Mount Water Filter System

A very popular choice for a water filtering system in the home is a faucet mount water filter system. There are many pros to this kind of water filter system, which may explain its popularity but there are also some cons to this kind of water filter system, which may explain why it is not the best choice for everyone. Here are some pros and cons of a faucet mount water filter system.

Pros of the Faucet Mount Water Filter System

Never Need to Add Water
You don’t have to remember to fill up anything, making it easier if you suddenly decide that you want to fill the ices trays, start a big patch of chili and make ice tea.

You Can Have Any Temperature of Filtered Water Your Faucet Mount Water Filter System Permits Readily Available
You can choose to have your water warm, unless the particular faucet mount water filter that you have suggests that you don’t, or hot and filtered instantly when you have a faucet mount water filter.

Initiating the Flow of Filtered Water is as Easy as Turning on Your Faucet and Turning the Filter
Usually you just have to turn the faucet mount water filter system from horizontal to vertical to get filtered water, and turning your actual faucet on of course as well.

No Big Deal if Your Spill Your Filtered Water
Because the water that enters the cup, bowl or pot that you are filling up will only splash into your kitchen sink it is no big deal if you spill a bit of filtered water.

You Can Feel Something With Water Without Having to Hold it or Fill the Sink Itself With Filtered Water
If you have to feel up a large bowl or pot you can just set it in the sink and not have to hold it while it fills up with water. Also if you really wanted to you could fill your sink with filtered water, by turning your faucet on.

Cons of the Faucet Mount Water Filter System

Sometimes the Faucet Mount Water Filter System Gets in the Way
Although faucet mount water filters are not particularly bulky they do cause a certain amount of inconvenience when you are adding dishes to your sink or trying to feel up a large pot of water.

You Can Not Refrigerate the Water Filtering System or Move it From the Sink
Unlike some of the other water filtering systems you can not place your faucet in the fridge, of course you can turn the water on so it is cool. Also unlike a pitcher water filtering system you can only pour the filtered water into a container to move filtered water where you need it, like near your stove when you are cooking or at the dinner table when you are eating a meal, that you want to serve water at.

If you think that there is a chance that this is not the water system that you are looking for click on the author’s name for the pros and cons to other water filter systems.

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