The Taste of Love

Love is very sweet,
When a pair in a close position,
Continuing their love, without willing to quit.

Love is very sour,
When beside a monument wall,
You are waiting for your partner, hour after hour.

Love is very salty,
When your love is playing hide and sick,
And you are managing him/her being smart and witty.

Love is very bitter,
When the fire of misunderstanding,
is burning you, like a red hot electric heater.

Love is very cool like an ice,
When he/she accepted your proposal,
And kissing you privately once, twice or thrice.

Love is very much hot,
When you and your everything,
Have already been perfectly felt and caught.

Love is really unpalatable,
When your love loves your money,
But to take your responsibility he/she is not actually able.

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