Build a Super Light Camp Stove for Pennies

Stoves can be an expensive piece of gear to buy. They can also be a bulky and rather heavy item depending on how much you want to spend on one. High tech camp stoves can fetch a nice price tag. What if there were a camp stove that weighed significantly less than the high end models and cost only a few dollars? Outrageous you say? Well, while I was hiking the in Georgia

I learned about a super light stove you make in les than thirty minutes from trash you have lying around the house.

The stove is made out of 3 coke cans and is about an inch and a half tall. When carried it is practically weight less. The stove burns 90% rubbing alcohol so this means you could cook for well over a week on just one dollars worth of fuel. Don’t be afraid of this tiny recycled marvel. As long as you build a wind screen and something to sit your pot on you will be ready to go. This bad boy can boil water in less than five minutes and never needs to be cleaned.

Below you will find step-by-step instructions on how to create this gift from the backpacking gods.

– 2 soda cans
– Knife
– Sheet Metal
– Cutters
– Fiberglass insulation 1/16″ wide, 3/4″ high, 8″ long
– Ruler


Step 1: Building the burner

1.Using the knife, cut 8 holes, evenly spaced, around the bottom rim of your first can.
2.Using your knife cut out the bottom concaved part of the can.
3.1 1/8 from the bottom of the can, cut the rest of the can away with your knife so you are left with just the bottom piece.
4.Finish off the rough cut 1/8 of the knife with your metal cutters so that the height is 1 inch tall.
5.Cut 3 ½ slits evenly around the can. These will help give you some extra room to slip this over the base of can number 2.

Step 2: Building the inner wall

1.Using the rest of can number 1 cut a strip 1 1/8 tall and 7 ½ long.
2.1 1/8 from one end cut a ½ slit from the top of the strip. On the opposing side do the same thing from the bottom of the strip. You want these pieces to slip together later to hold the piece together.
3.With your cutters cut 4 triangle notches around the bottom side of the strip.
4.Slide the slits from 2 so that they hold together.

Step 3: Building the Base

1.Using can number 2 take your knife and 1 1/8 up from the bottom of the can, cut the rest of the can away so you are left only with the bottom part of the can.
2.Finish of the rough cut 1/8 of the knife with your metal cutters so that the height is 1 tall.

Step 4: Putting it Together

1.Take your precut strip of insulation and wrap it around the inside wall of can number 2. (the base)
2.The the inner wall and place it inside of the insulation.
3.Take can number 1 ( the burner ) and slide it over the base. This may be a little tricky and a tight fit. Be careful with the rough metal edges.

Test it Out. Insert 3 soda capfuls of rubbing alcohol in the burner and boil a pint of water.

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