Stairs and Bannister Styles

Staircases and Stairways gives the homes its accent, offering individual emphasis and highlight to the home’s decor. Staircase and stairwells is one of the home’s focal points, a piece of hand-crafted art of many species and designs that makes a personal statement about you, your home and desire to be a part from the rest. There are many different styles of staircases and banisters which is the railing leading down to the bottom the stairs, there also many different styles of the balusters. Balusters are the poles, sticks or lines of metal placed in between the banister and the stairs, sometimes kids are known to get their heads stuck in between the balusters.

Why not install a beautifully handmade staircase at the same price than that of a concrete staircase, which must be tiled or carpeted afterwards?

Most wood railings are designed for wood staircases. These types of staircases are part of almost every home. In fact, wood staircases never go out of style. If your idea for stair railings is to add an expression of creativeness and elegance for your home as well as elegance to the staircase, wood railings will bring simplicity and in the mean time the touch of class that you have been looking for. Wood railings have the wonderful feature of making up your staircase.

The system of the staircase

Balusters are the upright posts on the staircase that serves as the support system of the rail. A rail is the bar that extends from the banister allowing you not to fall down the stairs. The newel post stands at the foot of a straight stairway. The Riser is part of the steps in between the treads. The tread is the upper horizontal part of the step.

Staircases come in many different sizes, shapes, heights, widths, and configurations. The form that a staircase takes is all based on what you want, and the amount of space there is to build and the on the budget to get the materials to build. There are staircases which go from the top floor to the bottom with no break in the middle for a Lander. There are other’s that spilt about half way down leaving a Lander to either exit off to another floor, or just a small break in the stairs, this area is usually decorated by vases with flowers of even pictures of art on the wall.

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