Are You One of the Few Who Have Seen a Contemporary Flying Dinosaur?

The Loch Ness Monster, that thing in Lake Champlain, and all the other various sea monsters that are said to resemble ancient creatures like plesiosaurs all have their devotees. The fact that there are more than a few of them tend to make it quite plausible among some folk that it actually may be possible for a prehistoric clan of these long-extinct animals might possibly have been able to survive.

Part of the process involved in the easy acceptance that even if Nessie isn’t necessarily a dinosaur per se, it may be some as-yet-determined species is the fact that we know more about the surface of Mars than we know about what lives at the bottom of our oceans. Frankly, the idea of what could possibly have evolved to live at the bottom of the Marianna’s Trench is the stuff of which nightmares are made.

For some reason, even those on this side of the line of skepticism central are willing to give some quarter to the potential that a dinosaur-like animal may exist beneath the surface of any body of water.

But what about overhead? Have you ever seen a pterodactyl flying across the horizon? You might be surprised at just how many people have reported this quite unusual spectacle. Sightings of strange creatures in the air that appear to have prehistoric design are hardly as plentiful as even just the number of men wearing tartan skirts in Scotland who claim to have seen Nessie, usually after a night of tossing back some scotch.

Oddly enough, scotch is itself not plentiful in Scotland, but that’s another story. Most of these sightings of flying reptiles have described a creature that is said to have resembled pterodactyls or pteranodons.

These sightings date as far back at the pre-Colombian feathered serpent god Quetzalcoatl to modern day appearances across the globe. And yet, strangely enough, there seems to be conglomeration of appearances of flying reptilian animals around the Mexican/U.S. border with an unwholesome concentration on the employer-friendly side.

Texas has probably been the locus of more reports of modern day pterodactyls in flight than any other place on the map. This should probably be less than surprising considering that Texas does seem to be overrun with people who see things that others never have.

Like WMDs in Iraq, for instance. At one time in the early 2000s, the only people in the world who had seen WMDs in Iraq at the time were not only located in Texas, but in one specific Texas village. They were gathered at the ranch of the village idiot for some reason. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it. Perhaps a war borne on the fear of flying lizards will be declared soon.

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