3 Ways to Stay Cool in Summer Without Breaking the Bank

Summer is in full swing in the United States and as temperatures soar out of control so can the cost to stay cool. But there are ways to ensure lower body temperatures without breaking the bank. Here are 3 ways to beat the summer heat that will leave your wallet and comfort level breathing easy.

Adjust the thermostat

Programmable thermostats range in cost and functionality but some of the best will have the ability to adjust temperatures inside the home during multiple times of day. There are digital units that can be set for seven days of the week and these are the most energy efficient as they allow for various programming options.

Most people leave their house in the morning and don’t return from work until early evening. During the time they’re gone their house is being cooled for no one. By installing a programmable thermostat that is set to kick the temperature up after leaving and down before returning a homeowner can see significant savings every year.

You’ll never feel the heat but by moving the temperature up/down by just two degrees while out of the house all day it can mean a savings of up to 2% in annual energy costs.

Keep the sun’s rays at bay

Passive solar heat is a wonderful benefit in the winter when letting in the light also means raising the temperature inside. But in the summer this will mean higher electricity costs when the air conditioner has to work harder to maintain temperatures.

Placing heavier weight curtains, blinds, shades, etc. over windows that get the most sun during the day will help block passive solar heat. As the sun moves on from one side of the house to the other the curtains can be opened again to let the light shine.

Consider using ceiling fans

A fan’s whole purpose is to circulate air. When an air conditioner is combined with ceiling fans the whole home can stay cooler for much longer. But it’s important to use fans the right way.

Heat rises so in the summertime the fan can be adjusted to suck the hot air up from the floor. There’s usually a small switch on the side of the fan casing unit just above the blades that allows for this shift. Hot air goes to the ceiling leaving the cooler air to fall toward the floor.

Also important is to make sure the fan is dust free as dust will cause a lag in the blade turning (not to mention a potentially sneezy household!). And the final tip is to turn off fans in rooms that are not in use such as guest rooms. This will save on electric costs and if the door is closed it also ensures more air circulation in areas that need it most.

Additional ways to save money while staying cool:

– Check with your power company and elect to go on an off-peak schedule.

– See if your power company offers a Greener option where power is drawn from solar, wind, hydro, etc.

– Close vents to rooms not in use so more air is pushed to the spaces more frequently occupied.

– Sleep with windows open if you live in an area of the country that cools off at night.

– Wear clothes made from natural fiber to avoid trapping sweat against skin and raising body temperatures.

With a few minor adjustments anyone can cut their costs but remain cool and comfortable all summer long.

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