Artificial Pumpkin Carving Tips

Carving an artificial pumpkin for Halloween is a wonderful way to decorate with a fun jack-o’-lantern without the waste and mess associated with a real pumpkin. The following are tricks and tips for carving an artificial pumpkin that you will be able to enjoy year after year.

1. Never use a candle in an artificial pumpkin as a fire could start. Always use a light source that is battery powered.

2. There are special tool kits sold that are very inexpensive that are made to carve artificial foam core pumpkins. Costing under $10 these tool kits can be found at most craft stores and many big box stores where Halloween decorations and artificial pumpkins are sold. Using these special tools will make it easier to carve your fake pumpkin and you will have better results.

3. Even though your pumpkin is artificial, place newspapers or an old towel on your work surface
to catch the pumpkin shavings.

4. When you are ready to carve your pumpkin, the first hole you should make is for the battery powered light source on the bottom of the pumpkin. Using the tools in your kit, poke small holes in the shape of a circle large enough for your light to fit into. Cut out the circle using the carving saw that is included in the toolkit.

5. There are special artificial carving patterns that are in the tool kit. Using the same method you used on the bottom of the pumpkin, poke the dotted pattern then use the carving saw to cut out the pumpkin’s face.

6. Just like a real pumpkin, once the cuts are made press gently to remove the pieces without damaging the pumpkin.

7. Unlike a real pumpkin your artificial pumpkin will have foam dust on it once it is finished. Carefully brush the dust off your jack-o’-lantern.

8. If you are going to put your artificial pumpkin outside, avoid locations that are windy. These pumpkins are light and can easily be blown away with a gust of wind. Secure your outside pumpkin with tacky putty or double-sided tape.

9. One of the great things of using an artificial pumpkin is having it year after year. Proper storage for your pumpkin is important. Place your pumpkin in a plastic or paper bag to keep it clean until the next Halloween season.

10. The best place to store your pumpkin is in a room that is kept at normal temperatures. Avoid places that are damp or get very hot such as humid basements or attics that are uninsulated.

Today’s artificial pumpkins are very realistic looking. You may even find it difficult telling which one is the real jack-o-lantern and which one is the artificial pumpkin.

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