Protestors and Wrongs and Ills

In times like these, one has to wonder: Why for humanity’s sake can’t we all just get along?

Especially when people in the Middle East have to be so violently delinquent about almost everything.

First it was the Iraq war. Then Hamas swept the Palestinian elections. Now Muslims in Beiruit, Lebanon are protesting – and quite violently so – a political cartoon depicting the prophet Muhammad – a historic figure central to Islam – with a bomb on his head in the shape of a turban, burning fuse and all. What’s next – American Muslims overpowering the White House? Those Islamic extremists are starting to get dangerous, and the news is definitely not good.

While the cartoon itself, which first appeared in a Dutch newspaper and spread across Europe and into New Zealand, is definitely distasteful toward Islam… well, so are the actions of these extremists. Nobody likes to get hurt, and violence that involves setting fires, suicide bombers, et cetera is a good way to do major harm to thousands upon thousands. No culture that seeks to glorify God, whether you call Him Christ, Jehovia or Allah, should do so violently. In my book, these people ought to rot in burning hell for their atrocities.

And that’s no way to go. By seeking to violently reach the Almighty, these losers are killing millions – and sometimes themselves. And good riddance. We would all be better off without them, anyway.

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