There is a World After Fashion

Not that there is anything wrong with it, but magazines for adolescents are focusing on issues other than prepping them to be consumers for clothing for makeup. If this works, perhaps magzines like ‘Seventeen’ can help to change the way that teenage girls are acculturated. If not, you can’t hate them for having tried it.

For every reader that is driven to purchase the goods advertised throughout the pages of any particular magazine there are a few that will say that the magazine is going to the dogs. For a while there, magazines continued to support liberal viewpoints, without any opposition. Sure every once in a while you would read a letter from someone stating that the magazine used to stand for something and now it stands for nothing because they pander to everyone, but the editors would print the letter, yet without any action you simply had to be embarrassed for that reader.

But perhaps times have changed, these days everyone seems to have some sense of religion, God, spirituality, conscientiousness, whatever, and it isn’t chic to continue with the open affront against Christianity and other religions that was the norm back in the 80’s when a popular magazine suggested that perhaps God was dead. The idea is that today’s youth want clarity, and have a more sane sense of values and morality than us thirty something’s did at their age, and certainly more so than the ambiguity that prevailed amongst our parents in the 60’s. It is actually a good thing, a cool thing, to be a good person, one that isn’t into amoral sexuality, or drug usage, material consumption. Not that it ever should have been anything different, in my opinion.

How long will this new spirituality last, not just among the editors of any given magazine, but with the readers as well? It’s anyone’s guess, but if leads to a relationship with God, which is always a positive thing, the time is far overdue. It is the least they can do for their readers.

Then again, perhaps 50 years of fashion is enough. Perhaps, after a half century of designer fashion, from Chanel and Christian Dior, to Stephen Sprouse Louis Vuitton creations, people are finally ready for something different. Which ironically, is the oldest thing of all. Good for them.

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