Top Three Most Offensive Websites: Pro-Abortion, Euthanasia and Suicide Sites

Some of the most offensive websites have nothing to do with selling nasty sex movies or persecuting religions. The most offensive websites offend more than one culture or lifestyle, as they offend all of humanity at its core.

Number one on the Three Most Offensive Websites List is Abort Me Mommy .Org. The site is paid for by P.A.P.A.- the Pro Abortion People of America. The slogan says “Taking care of our children one abortion at a time.” The site is done in such bad taste, that a visitor is left to wonder if it is a sick joke from a pro-lifer. I am still a little doubtful, but the website belongs in the most offensive website list even if only due to the sickness of the joke.

This pro-abortion website is revolting and insulting to the very creation of man. The open page has twenty-five statements made from those that have had abortions. Some statements are sad but possibly true, like “I aborted my baby because I didn’t have any choice.” and “It was either it or stop smoking crack.” “I had been impregnated by a black man,” says one girl from Mississippi, “I had an abortion so my brothers and cousins wouldn’t find him and lynch him.” and “Because its legal”.

Some of the statements are just too strange to be true. “Jesus told me to.” “We felt the risks and side effects were worth the story we’d be able to tell for years to come” “I lost a bet.” “It was the American thing to do.”

Others leave you thinking about the validity of husband (father) rights. One man claims “My wife thought that she could go ahead and have the baby. I said “Over my dead carcass” Then I forced her to get an abortion. Boy, when we got divorced, I sure was happy I didn’t have to drop half my paycheck on child support.” Another says “If its my God-given right to carry a handgun, then its my God-given right to kill a helpless innocent unborn baby.”

The propaganda doesn’t stop there. On the home page is a short but true summary of the condition the USA is in and the incitement to take action now-not later. Then the call for every pregnancy to be aborted in order to buy high end merchandise and erase the need for schools. Worry over overpopulation and its effects would diminish to nothingness in sixteen years. At that time, there would be no lives of needy and petty kids, only our own lives.

P.A.P.A. says that there is only one proper voice in the abortion debate. The one of the fetus saying “For America’s sake, abort me mommy.” If that isn’t enough to make you sorry that you are at the site, the message on the sidebar will. “The Lipcut Garment Foundation, one of our largest supporters, has agreed to donate money for five abortions for every visitor we receives. So today you helped abort five unborn children. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your support.”

The second on the Most Offensive Websites List is the Church of Euthanasia. Despite the church’s claim of not endorsing involuntary death, a logical mind wonders. The home page is a feature of a woman licking a phallic symbol. OOPS! That isn’t a phallic symbol. It’s one of the twin towers with the airplane just a moment before it crashed and killed a couple thousand people!

What the church does recommend is the control of the human population through the means of Cannibalism, Suicide, Sodomy and Abortion. These four acts are the pillars of the church that has only one commandment, “Thou shall not Procreate.” And although, like most churches, there is musicians, journalists and doctors involved behind the scenes, unsurprisingly this church is not based solely on the spiritual enlistment of its members.

Cannibalism is not an ideal taken lightly. Butchering the Human Carcass for Consumption, listed under e-sermons, is a detailed how-to kill and cut article with a bonus recipe for Bob Arson’s White Devil Dinky-Dao Mothafucka Bobbacoo Sauce for Marinade/Baste/Dip/Bloody Leroy Mix.

A small section of this article deals with the best type of animal for the consumer to eat- a young Caucasian woman is the ‘ripe’ animal, but they admit that everyone has their own taste and it is a large herd to choose from! It is desirable to starve the human animal for two days before killing in order to flush out toxins, but the writer recommends picking an animal that has little probability for HIV or AIDS since it isn’t known if the virus is killed when cooked.

And the writer didn’t forget that killing humans was against the law apparently as there is tips on how to dispose of the remaining unused materials at a nearby water source or crushing the cooked fragile bones so that the perpetrator can escape detection.

Sodomy and abortion are easy topics to understand in this context. Sodomy cannot procreate, and abortion prevents population increase. The actions of the perpetrator is still not good enough however. In e-sermons #3, a special speaker dictates that no one, no matter how good they are following the other three pillars, are not doing enough unless they snuff it. That’s right. Kill yourself.

Dr. Jack Kevorkian has not been forgotten while he serves his 10-25 years in prison for assisting in over one hundred suicides. At the Church of Euthanasia, Kevorkian has been deemed a Saint. The offer has been made that any individual that commits suicide and mentions the Church of Euthanasia in their farewell letter will receive automatic Sainthood.

The Unabomber is greatly exalted for his acts of violence and the 30,000 word Manifesto. The Manifesto is boring literature, but is quite a read for someone interested in perceptions of society and politics. The website features twenty articles on the Unabomber, one written about why people should cast their vote in the 1996 presidential elections for the Unabomber.

Suicide, although it speaks for itself, is a large segment of what the church wants. Committing suicide is the most humane thing a person can do for the human race and the environment is their message. A most common question is asked of them, “Why haven’t you killed yourself yet?” The church elders simply reply that their time will come after they have persuaded the people of the world to do so themselves.”

The third website, although the author mentions the Church of Euthanasia, is not affiliated with the Church of Euthanasia and has earned its place in the Most Offensive Websites List. A Practical Guide to Suicide is not so much a website with portals, but a website with an accumulation of painless suicide methods, quick suicide methods, undetectable suicide methods- the list of ways to kill yourself is almost endless.

The list has been built up through the years by those that has unsuccessfully tried to commit suicide, and those that have helped others to commit suicide. The reasons for wanting to commit suicide are broached, but there is a section that deals with reasons for not committing suicide. Suicide should not be used by those that are mentally ill, but by those that have sincere reasons like “I am dying already” or “I want to go out in a blaze of glory and make a strong statement to my enemies.”

The idea of making death pleasurable through sex is mentioned and a book titled Cause of Death is recommended. Father down the page is the how-to of tuning out the natural fear of death through the use of drugs, music, forcing oneself to be depressed and waiting till it hurts too much to live.

The Practical Guide to Suicide details each and every technique, along with possible failure consequences, so that the informed individual can terminate their life no matter what hindrances there may be. The subject of mass suicides is discussed and designated undesirable due to the higher chance of the plan being found out and stopped by a concerned citizen.

The list has plenty of books that are suggested reading. Some are Prescription Medicide: The Goodness of Planned Death written by Jack Kevorkian, 1991; Dying With Dignity written by Derek Humphrey, 1992; and Final Exit written by Derek Humphrey, 1991.

The list of music that can help “get you in the mood” contains lyrics by well known groups, Pink Floyd and the Doors, but also groups that isn’t heard of in everyday life. One song titled Burn is from the music group Cure and is found on The Crow soundtrack.

Movies haven’t been left out of the picture either. Topping the list is Whose Life Is It Anyway?, Leaving Las Vegas, Groundhog Day, Lethal Weapon, Shawshank Redemption, Thelma and Louise, Gattaca and ,of course, The Crow. Honorable Mentions are going to Dead Poets Society, The English Patient and A Few Good Men.

I personally don’t see the suicide relation to some of these, not in act or tendency. But hey, maybe I just don’t get it. Anyway, the list is there to persuade one from being afraid of the death experience. That is despicable, especially considering that most of the recommended list would be very accessible to teens.

This list of Three Most Offensive Websites is only a taste of what is on the internet, and only the tip of the social disaster iceberg. This should serve as a warning to parents that allows their children unsupervised internet time. As for society in general, maybe it is too late to save ourselves from these types of propaganda.

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