The Beauty that Comes with Wrinkles

It is simply amazing to me how the older I get, the younger that age becomes when I used to think it was so old! Maybe it’s maturity or the realization that I can still have fun and do a lot of things I want to do. Maybe it’s denial. Either way – I appreciate my age and simply being alive.

I am trying to take care of myself the best I can. My best right now is simply trying to find the time to apply lotion to dry skin in between taking care of my family! In a year or so, my best might be getting more sleep in addition to putting on lotion!! I think it depends on the season of your life.

I am amazed at how society is transfixed upon youth. Youth is great. It is carefree, fearless, energetic, and fun. But there is something that comes with growing up that is stirring also. A mature woman has wisdom, contentment and meaning that you can only learn through experiencing life.

I remember hearing about a time when older people were cherished. They were looked upon as wise leaders and counselors. In some tribes that is still the case. What happened? Why does it seem like older people are now laughed upon or shoved out of the way? I, personally, grew up around older citizens and was advised at an early age to listen to them and learn from their mistakes and experiences in life. I heeded that advice and am thankful for it. There is much to be learned from those who have traveled ahead of us!! So much wisdom can be sought there and it can be wasted if we are not careful.

I want to teach my children to not only be kind to the elderly, but to respect them. They are not deaf, dumb, or crippled simply because age has taken hold of their bodies. They are human beings who still feel, love, hurt, and have desires; maybe even unanswered dreams! They are the monarchy of our heritage.

All generations and phases of life should be appreciated. Youth is a wonderful learning time. It can be very contagious to be around the energy of teens. It can also be thought provoking to be around the older and more mature people in our world. Those wrinkles come with a rich story behind each line. Aaahh – the blessings to be able to live a long life!! That is what we should think of. Not the wasted expense and time trying to relive the past of our youth.

I think people are beautiful for who they are. Young and old exhibit a different and unique kind of beauty. Each one stunning in its own way.

Don’t let society trap you into thinking you can only be loved if you have soft skin and perfect posture. It is well to teach your children this also. You will be so thankful you did when it is your turn to be the wise tribal leader of your family.

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