The Assassination of President Bush is Coming to Television

A great Britain by the name if Gabriel Range has decided to self create the docudrama, “The Death Of a President,” in dedication to president Bush.

Feelings are high and emotions are at a boiling point. So how should we feel? What should we say?

Theres nothing to avoid when speaking the truth. America is clouded, blinded by what they want to believe and not what they need to believe.

We refuse to understand that majority of our dilemmas surfaced once President Bush came into office. And the reality of the situation is his enemies run thicker than his allies do. Living in a country where “Freedom of Speech,” is preached, I still find myself walking on eggshells when thumbing through this subject.

But as far as Gab Range is concerned, he obviously speaks with no insecurities due to the fact that he does live in another country.

The two hour docudrama slices into footage and previous news interviews with Bush while at the same time going as far as putting the face of Bush onto a character through technology.

Now lets take a second to dissect the jaw dropping way of thinking that Gab Range Shares with the world. His previous work includes two docudramas for a Britain Broadcast, “The Day Britain Stopped,” a fictional doc on two planes colliding above London and “The Man Who Broke Britain;” about a city trader who causes a national recession (the division of two entities).

For this man to predetermine U.S situations through Britain tribulations, to me should do more than tickle your brain hairs. Which in turn cause us as Americans to want to see what this docudrama is all about. No matter how angry the thought of the death of the Presidents makes “some americans,” the curiosity still lies.

Of course we should never wish death upon any man but It’s just the reality of life, it’s the part of life that no one wants to live through while still breathing. And regardless to what people may say or do to stop the showing of this docudrama, curiosity will overrule the majority.

But I will exercise my freedom of speech by saying that you will never be able to compare, relate or group President Bush to John F Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln nor Bill Clinton; when engaging in talk about our great american leaders.

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