The R&B Comeback: Bruthas Are Doin’ it for Themselves

Ne-Yo- In My Own Words
Now, don’t get me wrong I was a little turned off by the man’s name, Ne-Yo, I hated it and still do, but there is something about him that is just charming. Ever since “Stay” came out last year with that no-name rapping guy, this boy captured me. He’s been writing for Mary J. Blige, B2K, Faith Evans, and Musiq and now on his own has embodied this old-school, crooners feel to him like he would fit in a little too well with Ole’ Blue Eyes or Boyz II Men.

Now, “So Sick” was a little too whiny for me, but all great artists have to spit out the copiously sappy breakup song before really finding their sound. I forgave him and he rewarded me with “Sexy Love.” The video chick I could do without, but the message is relatable: who hasn’t been in a sex-obsessed relationship where physical attraction weighs heavily on whether there was any attraction at all?

Contact Music calls him “A master in the art of storytelling,” and my conclusion is Ne-yo’s music and easy-going down sound is simply complex satisfying the young and respecting the old without stepping on any toes which unfortunately will be his greatest challenge in his sophomore reinvention. Not one of the best singers, but one of the greatest performers/writers that have come out in the new millennium.

“I feel there is always room for good music. I want to reach people’s soul with my lyrics thru whatever vessel God chooses.” says the 22-year-old swooner.

Chris Brown- Chris Brown
Ultimately, I didn’t like this kid. He was too young, too jumpy and “Run it” was just another “Yeah,” but slowly and surely, he danced a little piece of my heart into his pocket. After years of searching, they actually found a kid that can sing AND dance. Unheard of, I thought, but there he is, dancing after the pretty young thangs in his videos. Old school and new school alike can relate to songs on his debut, self-entitled album like “Yo:” Old school likes the old fashioned, old-timey beat, while new school can rock or do whatever they do to the lyrics.

Conclusion: the kid is hot right now because someone he trusts is doin’ his career good. he came out at the right time and with the right sound to allow everyone to appreciate him and that is what ultimately counts until he takes a break and comes back with a kid or pregnant older woman to re stimulate his career.

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