Win Cash and Prizes Online at the Best Sweepstakes Websites

There are lots of great sweepstakes going on all the time, and although many of us dream of winning something wonderful, some just never take the time to enter. If you don’t enter sweepstakes, you can’t win them, but if you enter, your chance is as good as anyone else’s.

There are some really great places online that list sweepstakes for you to enter in your spare time. They list dozens or hundreds on one list making it easier to enter and, possibly, win. Of course, there are scam sites and sites that say you have a chance but don’t, but these sites feature nationwide sweepstakes that are definitely on the up-and-up.

At you can view sweeps and contests by category, like cars, vacations, or gift certificates. Or, search by other criteria, like contests ending today, ones that give out monthly prizes, or search by the company’s name.

When you visit Sweepstakes Online you’ll find contests by merchants like Dell, GM, Microsoft and Rent-a-car. At any given time the site features over 2,000 sweepstakes links plus a forum and other perks.

Contest Hound offers many of the same sweeps and contests as other sites, but they also have games, cash surveys, trivia, lottos and instant-wins. Search for new contests, get a last entry into ones ending today, and find out which ones let you enter over and over again.

At you can enter sweeps, get in on last-minute contests, play games and have lots of fun, but watch out for that never-ending email! Block their emails and this is a good site to visit for contest entry.

You’ll find lots of contests and sweeps at The Movie Insider but most prizes are movie-related, like tickets, posters, and other movie memorabilia. Still, the site is fun and exciting:

Profit Books has sweeps like similar sites, but they also have jokes, helpful articles, loan calculators, freebies, and you can play daily games. The site is easy to navigate and offers quite a few contests.

Go to Contest Alley and you’ll find hundreds of contests and sweeps and you’ll like the way they’re laid out for you. Click on categories like contests that let you enter daily, weekly or monthly, ones that are just for kids, instant-wins, mail-in sweeps, photo contests, writing contests, poetry contests and many more.

At you’ll find contests by retailers like Kraft, Castrol, State Farm, or Hawaiian Tropic. Win things like cruises, cash, vacations, cars and other luxury items. There are generally about 500 sweeps or contests listed, worth millions altogether.

The Free Site has a name that says it all. Free contests, free sweeps, lotto, games, puzzles, e-cards, and lots more. You won’t believe all the freebies you’ll find here!

Play instant-win Scratch games at and you could win $25,000 on the spot! They’ve got some great games and contests like many of the other sites, but also offer some unique contests not listed at other sites.

Sweepstakes and contests are so much fun – especially if you win. Keep in mind that you could enter hundreds of contests and never win, but your chances increase every time you enter another one. And, many sites offer the auto-fill that automatically fills in your info instead of expecting you to type it in for each contest. You’ll find it much more enjoyable to enter because of this feature.

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