Purr-fect Fence Cat Enclosure Keeps Your Feline Safe While Allowing to Enjoy Outdoors

Merlin the cat is an eight-year-old Tabby with a personality and the occasional attitude. He was a couple of years old when my friend rescued him from the local shelter. He came already de-clawed and neutered. He seems to get a little sensitive about the claw issue by showing you that he still has a good set of teeth if you aggravate him or get on his cranky side. He’ll nip, not too hard to cause any damage, but enough that you will know where he is coming from. He’ll even wait and get back at you several hours later by taking a nip at your ankle. He likes to decide when and where he will be petted, jump up into your lap, or eat. I guess that you could say that he is a curmudgeon sort of a cat. Like Garfield, he’s beginning to develop just the slightest hint of a paunch, but diet and exercise don’t seem to come first on his agenda.

One of the few things that will make Merlin sit up and take notice is an open door. He’s not an outdoor cat by any means; too attached to his comfortable pillow on his favorite couch for that. But in his fantasy mind, he is the lion, the great stalker of all prey. He’ll make a concerted dash for the great outdoors if you let him, even though if he runs into something unknown out there, he’ll dash back into the house as fast as he came out. So, the problem becomes how to let him lounge around in the sun and dream about the live lunch he’s going to catch without getting into trouble with a neighboring dog or otherwise hurting himself. He was given a harness, several actually, and he always seems to slip out of them using his Harry Houdini routine, or he gets hopelessly entangled in the lawn furniture.

Now there may be hope for the Merlin’s of the world. Purr-fect Fence is a company that has been providing virtually invisible Deer Fencing to home gardeners and landscape professionals for over twelve years. The company noticed that over the years customers also used the Deer Fencing as dog and cat enclosures. Purr-fect Fence has now developed a patent pending fence that is exclusively for cats.

The Purr-fect Fence cat enclosure safely and comfortably provides cat containment within any designated area. The material is installed easily and is all but invisible to the human eye from as close as 15-20 feet away in most settings. The Purr-fect Fence is a two-part system – a bottom part made of steel mesh that is vinyl coated and chew-proof, and a top portion that is made of polypropylene mesh with a combined height of 7 feet. The fencing is attached to vertical support pipes that have an overhanging arch that turns the fencing downward at a 90-degree angle. As the cat climbs up, the fencing starts turning him upside down. The company claims that there have been only two escapes out of some 10,000 cats enclosed. At less than $8 per linear foot, the fencing is much cheaper than wooden or chain link.

So now maybe Merlin can come and go as he pleases. The only problem is: what will he do with all the time that he used to use to plot his escape? Well, there’s always that extra imaginary bird for lunch.

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