Quality Sound from Inexpensive Computer Speakers

A set of Cyber Acoustics’ computer speakers may be one of the most effective ways to enhance your overall computing experience. For under $20.00, Cyber Acoustics offers a 3-piece, 14-watt computer speaker system that can turn any desktop or laptop into a veritable entertainment system. Whether jolted by the pandemonium of bellicose war games or soothed by the tranquility of classical music, these inexpensive Cyber Acoustics computer speakers don’t miss a beat. Now you can play games, watch DVDs, listen to CDs or iTunes with a complete sub-woofer audio system.

Why I Bought the Cyber Acoustics’ Amplified Speaker System

Setting up a home office that would double as my study, I wanted an inexpensive computer speaker system that would allow me to enjoy my home office and computer as much as possible. The Cyber Acoustics’ computer speakers were a cost-effective solution.

As a former computer network engineer, I have often setup home offices for clients. One client was a jazz aficionado. His eyes widened and his jaw dropped when I powered up his favorite jazz CDs on his AutoCAD station. Not only was he convinced that the sound was impeccable, but he agreed that the cost-advantages to computer speakers were enormous. So when I was setting up my own workstation, I decided that computer speakers would be an ideal way to maximize my overall computing experience.

Because my home office is a medium-sized 9′ by 11′, I also knew that I didn’t need high-end, stadium-sized speakers. So I bought the all black, high-tech-looking flat panel satellite design that matches my stainless steel and black laptop.

Specific Features I Love

Listening to iTunes while working on my computer helps take the edge off of stressful assignments. But that is only the beginning. One of the flat panel speakers has an intense sky-blue, on-off-indicator light that looks best in the dark and gives the speaker system a modern touch. The volume knob and power button are easily accessible from the front of one speaker. And the dark color blends in nicely with my existing d�©cor.

The computer speakers are also versatile. Practically any desktop, laptop, DVD player, iPOD, or CD player can take advantage of this speaker system. Simply plug the speakers into the headphone jack on most any device, and you have an instant stereo, sub-woofer sound system. This versatility makes watching DVDs and listening to music one of my favorite things to do on my laptop. Connecting the speaker system to my iPOD is just another benefit to the system’s ease of use.

I needed speakers with a full sound that wouldn’t take up a lot of desktop workspace. The Cyber Acoustics’ computer speaker system does exactly that. I hardly notice that they are there. In most cases, I can position the speakers out of sight if I want to. But because I like their modern look, I place one speaker just to the left, one speaker just to the right of my monitor, and the subwoofer sits off to the side.

I use the built-in volume control in Windows, the volume knob on the computer speakers, and the volume and pre-amp settings in iTunes to maximize the sound quality and output.

What I Wish I Could Change

Most of my work is done on a laptop. I like the ease of portability laptops provide. The Cyber Acoustics’ computer speakers, however, have a restricted mobility. They are lightweight and easy to move. And moving them is as simple as plugging them into any electricity outlet. But because so many wires are involved, it’s difficult to take these speakers on the road.

Being hard-wired also has its power disadvantages. Without battery capabilities, the speakers are only usable near a power outlet. This means that my computer speakers cannot go everywhere my laptop goes. For instance, I enjoy working outside on sunny days, but my speakers usually don’t accompany me.

The Final Thought

Despite the fact that the computer speakers are not battery operated, and despite the clumsy wiring, the cost advantages for this high-quality audio output far outweigh the lack of portability. Wherever an audio device will remain somewhat stationary, and where there is a power source, these speakers can transform an audio or video device into an entertaining experience. Best of all, these computer speakers are available online and in stores everywhere.

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