Quick Tips for Preparing a Diaper Bag

Understandably, new parents are overwhelmed with the arrival of an infant. Along with trying to survive on three hours of sleep, new parents also have to adjust to traveling with a baby. Babies require a lot of gear. Some parents tend to over pack the diaper bag, whereas other parents leave out the essentials.

Diaper bags come in a variety of styles, colors, sizes, etc. Even though the tendency is to pack everything, too many items may weight you down. Short day trips do not require bringing every single toy, diaper, bottle, etc. Unless you anticipate being away from home for several hours – or days, there are ways to limit the amount of items included in the diaper bad, and still be prepared.

Take a second and dump everything out of diaper bag. You probably will not need half of the items inside. To begin, grab a handful of diapers. An ideal number of diapers would be four or five. On average, babies require changing every two hours. Still, it doesn’t hurt to grab extras.

Wet wipes or baby wipes are necessary for cleaning the baby. Instead of toting the huge baby wipes box, consider buying a small portable carrier for wipes. Some diapers bags come equipped with this accessory. Simply grab a handful of wipes and store them in the smaller carrying case.

Babies love to smell fresh. If dosing your baby with babypowder after a diaper change, look for a small travel size powder bottle. Travel size baby products are also available in lotions, baby oils, shampoos, etc.

Do not forget the extra pair of clothes. Unfortunately, babies have accidents. This could entail spitting up, a runny stool, etc. Although parents may not want to think about the undesirable, it pays to be prepared. Along with extra clothing, include two or three extra bibs.

Infants and toddlers need to eat. Thus, do not forget the formula. Parents may either prepare the bottles before leaving home, or carry a water bottle and dry formula in the diaper bag. If traveling with toddlers, healthy snacks such as granola bars and crackers are ideal.

Small medicine or first aid kits can also be included in diaper bags. This is great for storing medicines to handle sudden fevers, teething pain, gas, etc. Furthermore, parents can include their own additions such as cleaning swabs for cuts and band aids.

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