Quiz Websites: Learn While You Earn

When you are sitting in front of the computer and need a break from work, what better way to spend that time than stimulating your left-brain? Quiz websites are a really fun way to learn about random subjects that you always wondered about or probably will someday wonder about but always forget to look it up in times like this when you have an extra minute or two to spare. The quiz websites take a variety of common educational subjects and pull out important facts in each one and then distribute them to you in the form of multiple-choice questions via their online site. Many of the quiz sites by now, having to compete against each other in popularity, actually offer you cash or prize incentives for participating and for scoring high in the trivia games. You can also choose the topic and level of difficulty for each quiz you take, so if you are tired from working all day and really want an uncomplicated, mind jolting wake me up quiz that gets the brain cells active again, you can choose the easiest level. It actually is quite fun and a good refresher course in various subjects you thought you forgot about to whip through those easy level quizzes. Even better, you will realize you knew facts about random topics that you don’t even know where you learned it and a new sense of pride will come over you as you see that really you haven’t lost your brilliance with age. So here are a few trivia or quiz websites and their descriptions, comparisons and analyses.

Six Questions

Six Questions is a fun site to visit in your spare time and even though your participation there can land you some cool merchandise, I wouldn’t count on that happening anytime soon. In order to gain enough points to get anything substantial, you would have to utilize the site nonstop to the point of curious obsession. And really, as fun as trivia games are, who wants to play for hours nonstop just to earn a measly two points for each game. So that is my disclaimer that this site should be used for entertainment and not monetary gain. That being said, this site is really fun. There are many user submitted polls with multiple choice answers to fill out, which cover really interesting, intelligent and practical subjects such as the most recent, “Will a nuclear bomb go off in the next ten years?” and “What is the perfect length of time for a honeymoon?” Along with each of these brain-jogging polls is a message board for further discussion and/or debate. So if you are bored, this is a good place to interact with others and contribute your voice to society, if only in this very small area of it. Hey, at least you are using your brain and thinking about current events, right? Then there are the actual trivia games. These are really interesting because they are different than your typical trivia quiz games and actually sort of a backward approach to them. Instead of answering a predetermined question, you compete with others to write the best quiz question fit with your own devised multiple-choice answers. There are opportunities to play in the subjects of: General, Geography, Literature, Entertainment, Sports, History, Math and Science, Bible and Jokes & Riddles. A really cool site.

It Pays To Learn

There are a lot of things to do to make money or points for prizes on It Pays To Learn, and although it seems slightly easier to earn substantial points than SixQuestions, I suggest to stick to the quiz games and not complicate things. What you’d be missing out on is basically the opportunity to read their emails, called “Vmails” for pennies and sign up for offers for higher amounts. The trivia games award you points and every so often you’ll get a winner that awards you cash. What is promising about this website as opposed to many similar to it is that the money you earn in your It Pays To Learn account can go directly into your paypal account on as often as a weekly basis, if you so will it to, and there is no minimum payout. In other words, you don’t have to wait ten months until you achieve $20 in order to get the money you earned. But gearing back to the trivia games, they are very accurately labeled in terms of level and there is Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Subjects are your typical trivia subjects like Animals, Geography History, Math, Spelling, Vocabulary, Nursery Rhymes, Music, and miscellaneous, etc. Very easy to play these multiple choice games quickly, especially the spelling ones for myself. If you just want to wake your mind up, once again, pick a subject you are great at, choose a level just underneath what you would consider difficult and just roll through the screens feeling smarter with every click.

Fun Trivia

Ordinarily I would not choose to showcase a Google top fiver in my overview of websites of a particular genre, for I like to go for more obscure, less recognized little guys, the mom and pops of the internet, if you will. However Fun Trivia sucked me in from the second I read the first blurb on the homepage and I have been playing on it for an hour now. It really is the mother of all trivia sites and I now have a little more faith in Google’s selections. This trivia website has tons and tons of topics to choose from and fun, eccentric ones as well. Some of them include “Song Lyrics To Rock Songs”, “Horror Mixture”, “Where on Earth”, “Alphabetical Places”, and “Baseball for Dummies”. Along with these superb choices in topic are the opportunities to play against other people in live tournaments and even, if you think you can handle it, a public meeting trivia event. I’d normally be inclined to say that an event full of trivia geeks would sound like a funny but boring old time but this website is so cool that I am sort of thinking it just might be the next best place to be. Check this website out. Try not to get addicted.

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