Racing Driver Lures Sponsors in Unique Marketing Opportunity with Million Dollar Mansell

Racing driver Scott Mansell launches website for individuals and companies to display a link on his site and an image/logo on his actual IRL IndyPro race car.

Scott Mansell, one of Britain’s most promising young drivers, launches as a unique method of allowing his supporters to achieve a high profile coupled with low-cost advertising. “Companies and individuals are able to advertise from just fifty dollars, which includes an image and link on and an image on my racecar” say’s Mansell.

A hundred dollar ‘block’ allows supporters to display a 20 x 50 pixel image on Mansell’s homepage and also a 1 x 2.5 inch image on his racecar. Companies can purchase as many ‘blocks’ as required, to ensure greater visibility.

Mansell’s idea is similar to that of Alex Tew’s very successful Million Dollar Homepage, with a slight twist. “My idea is an evolution of the Million Dollar Homepage, with added benefits at a lower cost. There is a massive ‘buzz’ around the site and people are excited about getting their name on an actual high-profile race car. My website is getting lots of traffic and this will only grow with my career profile.”

The Indy Racing League are fully behind Mansell’s imaginative idea. The IRL’s Media Relations Coordinator, Tim Harms says, “Scott’s idea is a very creative approach. We are giving him full support and everyone is talking about this radical idea. We wish Scott and his team the very best for this season.”

Motorsport sponsorship at this level costs hundreds of thousands of dollars and the young racer may well have hit on a great idea. Mansell is allowing any firm to advertise in a very large arena, at a very affordable price. With large amounts of traffic being directed from his site, Mansell is confident that companies will instantly see the benefit. “Once they have paid their initial fee, traffic directed at their site will cost them nothing.”

For additional information on Scott Mansell and the Million Dollar Mansell website visit or contact Richard Barrow at

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