Razors, Cologne and Michael

anyway last week sometime i was doing some shopping for new cologne at the mall. I dont remember who, but someone had bought me some kenneth cole black a while back and decided thats the cologne for me. recently i had been wearing eternity and really i am not a big fan. but anyway, the lady told me she had thrown in some samples of some other shit in the bag for me to try out and some advertisements for other stuff as well. well i opened it and found out that Carlos Santana of black magic woman fame has decided to come out with his own cologne… i assume it smells like peyote. you think a guitar player would be more fuckin inclined to come out with his own brand of guitar strings or pedals, or hell i dont know maybe guitars… but wait that wasnt the most asinine thing i found in this bag. in it i also found an advertisement for… Michael Jordan Shampoo and hair conditioner. now what the fuck does Michael Jordan know about shampoo? the last time he had hair david hasselhoff was rockin with KIT and the whole world- not just germans and the few of us with hoff shirts- had hoffinitis. now a michael jordan line of straight razors i understand, better yet a line of Mariel Hemingway straight razors, but fuckin shampoo? hair conditioner? what, just cuz michael jordan’s name is on it, guys should just go and buy it? what kind of shit is that?

so anyway, after i went and bought the shampoo and hair conditioner, i took my kids to mimis and we had some dinner, problem is people look at me weird when i order beer with my food. is there some type of rule that says you shouldnt throw back a few while youre out with your kids? i mean its not like i am ordering up double grapefruit juice and grey gooses (new favorite drink, gotta thank Big Dave from Florida for this one) or jaeger blasters- and its not like i took them to some bar and had them sitting at the counter with me. so i drank 4 beers (new castles for those of you who care) so what? besides on the way home i have my son steer..

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