Re-Killing Christ for the Sake of Tradition

I am constantly amazed at the propensity of people who call themselves “Christians” to kill the messages of their Christ in order to preserve the sacredness of their organizational doctrine. I am constantly amazed by how many people, both Christian and not, have never read the Bible, but claim a heartfelt opinion on the book. I’ve never read “War and Peace” and as such, I would NEVER propose to do a book report on it, no less go to my death to defend it’s precepts, yet that is exactly what people do regarding the Bible.

Somewhere along the line people, Christians and non-Christians alike started to treat the Bible like a sacred relic and stopped treating it like a book. They stopped reading it, or worse, they started reading snippets of it. Let’s face it. Despite what most Christians will tell you about being believers in the “WHOLE BIBLE”, for them the Bible REALLY starts in Matthew, and their belief systems pit the New Testament against the Old Testament, the new, being obviously better than the old. The reality is that if you read the Bible as a piece of literature, and give credence to the central theme being found in Genesis, you get a completely different take on it’s message and on the Christ than if you either don’t read it, read sound bits from it, or have it’s messages distilled for you by a mouthpiece paid to preserve the power structure of the organization known as Church.

I write far out titles when I dare to write religious articles, because in a sense, I WANT to rile people up and get them thinking in ways that they usually shy from. What’s amazing to me is how many people will take the time to rate me and judge me from a headline, yet will LITERALLY refuse to read the article before attacking me.

Jesus died on a cross because He dared to challenge the religious structure. The MOST RELIGIOUS PEOPLE of his day killed Him. He had ONE messageâÂ?¦ a drum that he beat continually: “The Kingdom of God is at Hand.” He didn’t concern himself with those who rebuked him. Instead he turned the rebuke back on them by pointing in the direction of His father. Christ endured an excruciating death on a cross in order to point out the way to His father’s Kingdom. His followers, on the other hand can’t seem to handle a little well deserved rebuke.

I am constantly debased by Christians for what they call my “tone”. They attack me for what they perceive to be my “sin” as a transsexual. They attack me for attacking them. They attack me for writing what they call “insulting headlines.” It’s amazing that not ONE of them has pointed out the way to God’s Kingdom. That seems left for me, an ex-Christian to do. They attack me on the content of my character but never on the content of my articles. Why? Simple, I have read a book that most of them never will. It’s called “the Bible”.

I have spent 28 years studying that book, reading it as a single and whole unit. I don’t think it’s infallible and I don’t think it has to be. Its whole point is getting back to what I call “The Eden” experience. A place where we each individually commune with our creator, where the ONLY real sin is ANY ACTION WE TAKE that does not FIRST consider the best good of creationâÂ?¦ the garden ..God’s garden that we were charged with maintaining. Whether or not I believe that is beside the point. As someone who has read the Bible more than any other book, I feel I am qualified at least to speak on what its theme is as a literary piece.

Christians today seem more interested in Morality codes than in spreading God’s kingdomâÂ?¦more interested in making sure people KNOW they have a perception for what is good vs. What is Evil, even though that is the first thing in the Bible God commands against. Christians seem more concerned with tradition than with the Christ, more concerned with Godly behavior than with God’s Kingdom, More concerned with tradition than truth. They hang out in modern day temples and praise each other for their understanding of God, but would just as soon kick a woman like me out of their church if I dared to cross the threshold of their buildings, monuments to piety. Christ hung out with “Sinners”. Christians hang out in church.

Other than Muslims, the only other people on earth who consistently want to see me dead are Christians. Not every Christian wishes I would be killed for what they deem “my perversion”, but every person who DOES want me dead on THIS continent, don’s the title “Christian”. Excuse me if that affects my “tone” a little. I see Christians and the church as DANGEROUS. I see them as the sorts of people who would re-Kill Christ if he DARED to challenge their institutionsâÂ?¦ if he DARED to “cleanse their temples”. Any Christian who reads the bible for themselves will see a HUGE disparity between the Christ of the Bible and the Christ of tradition.

I am still waiting for a so called “Christian” to debate the substance of my articles instead of the substance of how they perceive my character. I am still waiting for a Christian to instruct me on where to find abundant life instead of instructing me on where I can shove my rebuke against Religion. So many people think I am against Christ when I say I hate Religion. Actually, nothing could be further from the truth. I think that if people took up the charge of truly acting as Christ did, the world would be an amazing place and we might not be so in danger of imminent destruction. The thing that will kill mankind, that will end our existence is the knowledge of good and evil. One day, I don’t know when two sides in a religious battle, most likely the sons of Isaac vs. the Son’s of Ishmael, will take war to a new level. Each side will perceive themselves as righteous. Each side will perceive their opponents evil. The factions will push their buttons and the world will endâÂ?¦ all because we keep, each of us, eating from that DAMNED TREE from which GOD SAID DO NOT EAT!

OkayâÂ?¦. Feeding frenzy time. You guys can start lowering the ratings on my articles, attacking me for my titles, telling me how you alone are a different sort of Christian, telling me my tone is all wrong, telling me that I don’t write worth a damn, and in general assaulting the content of my character and etc so that you can avoid the inevitable truth, that you are WHOLLY unable to assault the content of my content. Cheers!

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