Real Free Samples

All over the web you can find offers for “free samples.” Unfortunately most of these “free samples” are only available to you after giving up precious time and personal information, filling out endless loops of surveys, and actually purchasing certain products and services first. Some sites simply offer “giveaways” to a lucky recipient, although they may be valid, most people will find an empty mailbox.

Avoid The Fakers

If you do visit web sites which list free samples, beware of deal that sound too good – any offer that claims you will receive a $500 gift card to anywhere and sounds too good to be true, usually is. There may be real free samples in the mix on these web pages, but click carefully and watch the address window in your browser. If the web site address changes 2-3 times the link is probably a referral link. A key to site which is purely trying to market other products to you is the little disclaimer which reads “We are an independent program and are not affiliated with the merchants/brands listed.”

Another indicator is when the site offers you to try a free sample “on us,” which usually means there is a catch. Companies to be wary of include My Insider Deals and Sandwiched in between the “surveys” you may be asked for the last four digits of your social security number, your mother’s maiden name and other personal information that may be tied to your secure banking information.

Real Free Samples and Your Junk Email Box

There are some web sites which do offer real free samples. Free samples are great for trying and or reviewing new products, for use as travel sizes, to throw in your gym bag for use a the gym, and as a way to save a bit of money. All you need to do is provide your mailing address and sometimes an email address. It’s easy enough to set up a free web-based email to use for this purpose and others which may result in extra email in your inbox. If you don’t already have a “junk” email address, set one up at Yahoo!, Google Mail, MSN Hotmail or the new and free AOL.

Real Free Samples from Wal-mart

The best samples available seem to come from To receive real free samples, click on the product you like, type in your name and address and e-mail and then wait about a month. Wal-mart will never sell your e-mail to a third party and the only e-mail received as a result of signing up for these real free samples is email containing short product questionnaires which are completely optional. The Wal-Mart samples come quickly. It is not clear how often the samples on change, and a quick weekly or bi-weekly visit may keep the samples coming. On occasion popular samples may run out.

Most real free samples available on are for health and beauty products. Samples may be for contact lenses, pain relievers, shampoos, skin lotion, anti-aging lotions, feminine products, laundry detergent, baby products and cleaning products. Brands of real free samples on have included Oil of Olay, John Frieda, Advil, Huggies, Jergens and others.

On occasion the real free sample offered may be a full-sized product. For example, the WooliteOxy-deep Pod carpet cleaner was offered a couple of months ago.

Brand Web Sites

Another place to find real free samples is at the brand’s web site. For example, web sites for Dove offers free samples of their health and beauty products, and the do not just limit you to trying one product. Another such site is Oil of Olay. Olay gives away real free samples of new products. In addition to contact information, fill out a quick bubble survey regarding skin care.

For free samples of common household products, visit Proctor & Gamble. They offer real free samples, coupons and some contests. The Proctor & Gamle web site may bring you to a web site for one of their brands to fill out required contact information.

When looking for real free samples, try the official company’s web site first, and then other well-established outlets next. Stay away from third-party sites which offer freebies because most of them are just marketing scams.

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