Real Wood Floor Add Style and Elegance to Any Home

From our earliest beginnings, humankind has turned to Nature to provide one of our most basic needs – wood to build our homes. And while many man-made or synthetic building materials have been developed over the years, each with their particular advantages and disadvantages, many designers agree that the versatility, beauty, and durability of wood remain unmatched. And nowhere is this simple elegance revealed more in a home than in a wood floor. Wood floors actually can add a lot of warmth to your home, they add charm to any room, and real estate professionals agree wood floors improve the value of a home as well. And interior designers say there are many different things you can do with wood floors.

While the classical sophistication of real wood floors is undeniable, there is a perception that they are expensive, hard to install, and difficult to maintain. Not so according to Jason Wingo with Tarkett, a company known for making the installation and maintenance of many different types of floor covering easier. “Maintenance on wood floors now is pretty simple. With the finishes and the new technology in them today pretty much you just sweep them and vacuum them, and then if there is a couple spots we have cleaners that easily take care of that, they are pretty much easy to take of. Tarkett floors a re actually easier to install then most other wood floors on the market, making them ideal for the “do-it-yourselfer”. “We call it the long strip product. It’s got a patented click lock system that’s unique to the product. It’s really simple to install all you do is put down an underlay you lay the product on top of it and tap it from the tongue side and you’re done, it’s virtually an installers dream.” One homeowner and mother I spoke to found that installing hardwood flooring not only beautified her home, but also provided a safer play surface for her active toddler. “Our home had wall to tile. One of the things I was concerned about with a little one just learning to walk was his safety, and knew there was going to a battle between his head and the tile floor, and that the tile floor was going to win. One day prior to having put in the wood floor I broke a coffee carafe on the floor, it shattered into a million pieces. Believe it or not, I guess I’m just clumsy, about a week after installing the wood floor I once again dropped the coffee pot, and it bounced. And I looked at that and I just saw my child’s head and I said you know what it was worth it, it was worth every penny, for his safety.”

Another who recently had a floor installed had this to add. “It was quick it only was about a week, and we actually did the whole house in week, and that was amazing to get it done that quickly.” That is one of the greatest advantages of a product like this one. It is what is known in the industry as a floating wood floor. This means it requires less sub-floor preparation. According to installers “You put it in, tap it together and you can put your furniture back, and live on it immediately. There is no adhesive drying time, you put your quarter round in and you’re done.”

In the kitchen, the dinning room or den, the natural beauty of a wood floor transforms any room in your home into a “living room”

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