Reality TV Show Idea: A Bring Your Ex Party

Ever since the first season of The Bachelor aired, television has been inundated with reality dating shows. For Love or Money, My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance, Elimidate, The Bachelorette, Joe Millionaire, and Outback Jack quickly followed in their predecessor’s footsteps. And let’s not forget the old standby Blind Date and the original dating show – The Dating Game. Dating, love, and even marriage is not just for two anymore; it has become a voyeuristic free-for-all. Viewers are drawn in not just by the ultra modern notion that love could be found anywhere, even behind a camera crew, but by the oh so stupid and tacky faux pas frequently made on such shows. I recall a woman on a recent season of The Bachelor who began discussing her soon to be dried up eggs (with The Bachelor, mind you) on the first or second episode. She not only freaked out The Bachelor, but many of the women as well. This is really why these shows are popular isn’t it? Well, why not take it up a notch, put the potential lovebirds in a very awkward and comedic situation-a bring your ex party.

What Is A Bring Your Ex Party?

Essentially, everyone who attends brings an ex or a current boyfriend or girlfriend that they’d like to throw over as nicely as possible. The idea behind the party is that your ex may find love among the other exes and possibly you too, or you may get to recycle a current love that isn’t working out without feeling quite as much guilt. You may remember the episode of Sex and the City in which Charlotte hosts a bring your ex party. The party didn’t fare too well for the Sex and the City gals but for reality TV it doesn’t have to. The beauty of this kind of show is in the mismatches, the dates that don’t know they’re being thrown over, and the jealous women whose gal pals are hitting on her ex. And then…there is always that chance that two poor reality TV victims could find love.

Why It Would Work

Have you ever wondered what your current better half’s ex is like? Have you ever broken up with someone and wondered if their next love will be anything like you, or nothing like you? Have you ever had a crush on someone else’s love, or someone else’s ex? Have you ever really wanted to break-up with someone but didn’t want to feel guilty about it? Chances are you can say yes to at least one of these questions and that’s exactly why it would work.

Situations That Could Arise At A Bring Your Ex Party

What if there’s an attraction between someone’s current but soon to be recycled love and someone else at the party? The soon to be thrown over date likely doesn’t know that he or she is being brought to the party to be dumped – would the attraction be acted on or would they fear being dubbed as cheaters?

And there is always the chance…that a sneaky woman would bring a guy that she’s really into just to see how faithful her catch would be swimming with the sharks. Of course this scenario also applies to sneaky guys out there who want to test the loyalty of their women. To cross the line or not to cross the line, that is the question.

Perfect Atmosphere For A Bring Your Ex Party

Ideally a show like this should be filmed in a large apartment with several rooms, maybe even a balcony or patio, providing private opportunities. Every week the show could be filmed in a different city for variety.

Possible Show Titles

Reality TV shows have to be careful not to be devious but the title also shouldn’t completely give away the premise or the jig is up. The show could be called something like Party On or Party Animals.

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