Reality TV Show Idea: Americans Creating Their Own Jobs

I have been researching the American Automoble Industry recently attempting to find out what circumstances brought it to it’s present condition. One conclusion I came to was that the lack of a national health care program is one of the reasons that the Automobile Industry in the United States is not competitive with those of other countries, Great Britain for example. The great minds of our government are preoccupied with more pressing democratic enterprises, while whole areas of the American economy are becoming vast deserts.

When Associated Content contacted me about ideas for a Reality TV Show I thought of the great number of Americans that create their own jobs everyday!

The American Economy is gigantic! With 270 million Americans and probably, 200 million dogs and cats (and ferrets in every state but California-where they are illegal) there are other Americans providing services to them that they are more than willing to pay for just not having to deal with what they don’t like doing, or are unable to do themselves.

As an example: It is now the Dog Days Of Summer, the dogs are walking around in fur coats! Flea eggs hatch when the air temperature reaches eighty degrees. It has been 108 degrees in Rapid City South Dakota for several weeks, the poor dogs are miserable. Somebody with a inflatable kids wading pool, a hose and a bottle of doggy shampoo could relieve a lot of that misery, and the dogs would be a lot more comfortable.

With an economy as big as the United States there are people coming-up with different ideas on how to fill a need in their neighborhoods everyday. Sure there is competition from other people with ideas that are slightly different. That’s the power of a television program broadcast across the United States. A Reality TV Show based on American’s auditioning their ideas to get a chance to appear on the program will cause other ideas to be created! An Idea Storm of Job-Creating Ideas would rain-down on Americans in their living rooms as they watched television!

Take for example: Surfing! Surfing used to be limited to a very few, very strong athletes, the boards were made of wood, twelve feet-long and weighed over a hundred pounds. Only the biggest, stongest people could carry them across the sand to get them in the water. Somebody came up with the idea to make surfboards with a polyurethane core coated with fibergalss and resin. These boards were created by a surfboard shaper.

Surfboard Shapers shaped an entire new industry! The “Surf Industry” is now made up of apparel makers, recording companies, skateboard manufacturers and new products are being developed in somebodys garage as I write this.

My idea for a Reality TV Show is based on Americans innate creativity and the ability to conceive and organise commericial activities to benefit themselves and their communities.

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