Reasons Why I Hate House Cleaning

It took a while to get up my energy to clean. I could never figure out why house cleaning had to be done in the first place. It only gets dirty again as soon as the family comes home!

I washed, dried, folded and stored my summer clothes

I gave away whatever I owned that no longer fit or was in style

I began to clean the house.

During the overload of ice cream, cake and candy

I consumed over the summer vacation

I gained more than just a few pounds

making a pig of myself

and now fit into a larger size!

I decided to work the excess weight off

I washed the windows until they sparkled

I repaired the broken legs of the kitchen chairs

I cleaned all the closets and tossed out the junk

I washed the kitchen floor and took out the garbage

I think I went through all this house cleaning before

Last summer and the summer before

How did all this junk grow back?

I wondered but failed to came up with an accurate answer!

Then, I made up my mind that house cleaning is a waste of time

and decided to hire someone else to clean the house for me

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