Recipe Box Cork Board for the Kitchen

This Recipe Box corkboard craft project is a great way to add some much needed storage on your kitchen walls. If you are like me you love to collect recipes and jot them down on recipe cards. You can use this Recipe Box Cork Board to make a single box for each category of recipe you have! One for snacks, chicken, breakfast and all the others will really keep you organized!

Look for wood Recipe Boxes. You are going to be drilling into them and they will be much easier to work with. If you already have some metal recipe boxes you want to use though, you can drill through them with a metal cutting drill bit.

This Recipe Box corkboard is perfect for a retro kitchen, traditional kitchen, or even a contemporary kitchen, just change out the style of your recipe boxes to get a whole new look!

You can make this Recipe Box cork board for about $40 or less. You can make it for a lot less if you already have some Recipe Boxes you don’t mind drilling a hole in.

To make a Recipe Box Board You Will Need:

Recipe Boxes (10 – 20)

Power Drill

�½ inch drill bit

Sheet of pine Plywood

Sheet or roll of corkboard

Spray Adhesive

Scissors or exacto knife

Tape measure

Now, the first set is to decide how large you want to make your corkboard. I like to do this based on how many recipe boxes I have.

Now, have you sheet of plywood cut into a square. I like to first lay out my Recipe Box, that way I know they will fit. Measure them and then have your wood cut.

Now, cut out your sheet for corkboard to 20 inches by 20 inches, or whatever sizes your plywood square is.

If you have any leftover corkboard, then you can cut strips to glue onto the edge of your plywood board. Just measure the length and width, cut the corkboard and glue with the following directions.

Now, lay you sheet of cork board out on a flat surface. Lightly spray it with a good quality spray adhesive, the kind that come in an aerosol can. You could also use wood glue if you want.

Now, place your corkboard on the plywood sheet. Line the edge up and press it into place.

Now, take your Recipe Box, open then up to show the inside.

Drill a hole in thought the middle back of each Recipe Box. I like to tape my Recipe Box face down with the cover open on a flat work surface and then drill a hole in and all the way through working from the back.

Make sure the holes are in a place that will line up with your frame or edge.

You can pre determine this by laying out your Recipe Box to see how you would like them to be laid out.

Now, lay your Recipe Box out on the corkboard and use a thin marker slipped through the predrilled hole in the Recipe Box to make a mark on the corkboard. This will tell you where to pre drill your hole on the corkboard.

Using bolts or screws that fits thought the hole. Slip it through each Recipe Box and out the back of the corkboard. You can use a nut and washer on the back to hold the Recipe Box in place. Make sure you have these stand it up like you would on the counter.

Repeat until your entire frame is finished.

Now, flip the Recipe Box corkboard over and install some picture hanging hook device on the back.

You can hang this simple Recipe Box corkboard on your wall!

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