Redecorate Your Fireplace Without Breaking the Bank

If your home is one of those that has the fireplace like all the others perhaps it needs a facelift. It is very expensive to redo your entire fireplace but there are ways to give it a new look without spending tons of money. First, clean the entire fireplace out, which means using a scrubber such as 409 or Simply Green. Be sure to clean all the soot from the entire inside of your fireplace. Make sure that you scrub the mantel and if your mantel is not a good-looking wood then you should perhaps consider painting it. You can choose a color to match the room or the items that you choose to use for your fireplace. Any indoor paint will work for this project. Be sure to tape off around the edges so you have no over flow of paint onto the bricks.

Now a trip to your local Wal-Mart or Target is next on the agenda. Pick up a nice fireplace screen, one that will give you a clear view into the fireplace, and will match your indoor walls and mantel if you have painted that. Obtain a Candleholder that will accommodate at least 7 to 12 candles with two or three rows of the stand parallel to each other. Choose long candles for the top row and go smaller by about Ã?¼ to Ã?½ inch for the next two or three rows. These candles should be light colored, white or cream. Pick up six freestanding candleholders ranging down in size from approximately 20 inches down to 12 inches high. Be sure to pick up some large candles for these holders, they should be the color of your screen, brick’s, or mantel.

Now you are home and ready to redecorate that fireplace without having broken the bank.

Place the candleholder with parallel rows inside the fireplace and put your light colored candles into this holder. Now place your screen across the front of your fireplace and place your individual candleholders and matching candles 3 on each side of the screen. You will not need to keep the damper open on the fireplace because your candles will not put out enough smoke or heat for this to be necessary.

Now along your mantle you can place a nice flower arrangement on one end with the perfect statue in the middle, and a flower arrangement on the opposite end. You can purchase these items at your local craft store. In addition, you can hang a picture above your fireplace or place pictures along the mantel. There are million’s of ideas for your mantel and you can change these items with your holidays. Christmas decorations at Christmas, Halloween or spring, summer, winter and fall. When entertaining you can decorate with colorful flowers or plants to match the candles you choose for that affair.

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