Removing Grease Stains

After my husband came to me with his favorite shirt and wanted to know how to remove grease stains, I decided to study some websites and find out what they had to say about grease stain removal. The various methods of removing grease stains I found quite interesting. I decided to write an article simply on the top ten ways I found to remove grease stains beginning with the simplest method up to the most incredible. I will write them in descending order similar to the style of David Letterman.

The Number 10 way to remove grease stains is: Use Dawn Dish Detergent. First take the grease stain, squirt some dawn on it, let it sit in the Dawn detergent, after a little while, rinse out the shirt. Then throw the shirt in the laundry to wash. This is the simplest and easiest way to remove a grease stain. I have used this way successfully.

The Number 9 way to remove grease stains is: Try Shampoo. It gets grease out of your hair, why not use it on the grease stains in your shirt too. I did not see a specific brand of shampoo listed so who knows?

The Number 8 way to remove grease stains is:
Try Dawn Power Dissolver. The dissolver works on grease according to Tiki from Cleveland, OH on the Barefoot Lass 1 Website.

The Number 7 way to remove grease stains is: Citrisolve, citrus cleaner, will work for any grease or oil based stain. 1

The Number 6 way to remove grease stains is: Hairspray can be used for grease stains, but Elizabeth Walling who wrote the article, “Beat the Grease: Romoving Grease Stains from Clothing.” offers tips on which fabris it will work on. 3

The Number 5 way to remove grease stains is: Unilever’s website states: “Washable fabrics: If grease is fresh, sprinkle with talcum powder and work gently into fabric. Leave for 30 minutes and then brush off. If any grease remains, soak in a warm solution of Drive, Omo or Persil powder overnight, then wash in the machine on a warm wash” 2

The Number 4 way to remove grease stains is:
Use Lysol Kitchen Cleaner? 1 Who would have thought!

The Number 3 way to remove grease stains is: Soak the fabric in water and then try rubbing in Aloe Vera. 1

The Number 2 way to remove grease stains is: You can spray the stain with WD-40, let it sit and then rinse out with dawn detergent. 1 Check out the Do-It -Yourself website for information on how to properly use WD-40. 3

The Number 1 way to remove grease stains is:
Pour Coca-Cola on it. Let it sit and then rinse it out. 1

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