Easy Ways to Decorate Your Toilet Seat

Easy ways to decorate your toilet seat – Want to dress up that special room but those furry rug things are not your cup of tea? On the other hand, maybe its summer time and you just want a change and the smallest room in the house is the most feasible. Whatever your reason it can be done simply and without breaking the bank. You have two choices, you can cover the lid with fabric or you can use various techniques to decorate that are more permanent.

Covers that suit your personal taste can be created inexpensively by visiting your local fabric store. A small amount of skill is required to accomplish this. You will need a measuring tape, pen, some elastic, scissors and a sewing machine.

Step 1: After you have chosen your favorite fabric, you will need to remove your toilet seat so you can get good measurements. Turn the lid over and place it on the fabric. Now draw around the lid, leaving about two inches of fabric to sew the elastic in.

Step 2: Trim off the excess fabric and then measure your elastic so that it goes around the lid, all except where the hinges bolt down. You will leave this without elastic.

Step 3: Sew the elastic in and hem the flat edge and voila, you have made a cover!

If you do not fancy the Betsy Ross technique, have no fear there is another way, in fact there are many! Take your talent and express yourself in paint, get crazy make funny designs or color splashes with craft paint. Should you fancy a more professional look you could always go with stencils, from clowns to puppies your imagination is the limit. In addition, remember something as simple as bright yellow sunflowers can brighten the d�©cor. While I was researching for this article, I found a wonderful site to get free stencils. There you can find free printable stencils of all kinds of images from Nicole Ritchie to butterflies they have it all!

Lastly, if painting or sewing are outside of your comfort zone then take a trip to your local hardware store and grab you a hot glue gun or other heavy adhesive. Take a spin around your home or garage and you will find all sorts of material for decorating the throne. Even the magazine rack can be a place of inspiration. My teen daughters loved to make collages out of their favorite teen idol magazines. The same principle can apply to Home and Garden or others that may be collecting dust in the corner. You will need scissors, glue, large poster board (optional), small ruler or popsicle stick and lastly a puzzle coat or shellac to protect your creation.

Step 1) Choose a magazine to cut images out of, and then let those scissors fly!

Step 2) Lay out your pictures on a similar sized piece of poster board and create your very own personalized design.

Step 3) Apply the adhesive of your choice and carefully lay your arrangement upon it. Use the small ruler or popsicle stick to press out bubbles or gently move a misplaced piece.

Steps 4) Finally allow to air dry and replace! Now you can color coordinate to your design and have everyone talking about your decorated toilet seat cover!

Please be careful with all the chemicals mentioned above and always, always work in a well-ventilated area. For more ideas for decorating your family seat see the link for unusual museums below, there is an idea for everyone.

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