Renuzit Home Fragrance Spray: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Renuzit Home Fragrance Spray is a decent product at a decent price. It comes in scents I love, like Apple & Cinnamon and definitely freshens the air. I have one problem with Renuzit spray, though: it stains your walls!

I’ve used Renuzit for many years, throughout the house, especially in the living room and kitchen. I’ve always been pleased with the way it smells and how well it covers up odors like onions and cigarette smoke. I noticed right away that I had to be careful where I sprayed it, or there would be spatter marks on glass, mirrors and windows, but I just learned to avoid pointing the spray in the direction of glass.

I’ve tried the automatic home fragrance sprays – you know, the ones that plug into an outlet and give continuous fragrance or bursts of fragrance – and they work great for keeping homes smelling fresh all day long, but aren’t good for when you need an extra burst of freshness, like after cooking.

I have recommended Renuzit Home Fragrance Spray to many people over the years, because it’s very inexpensive and works well, but upon moving to my new house I noticed something about Renuzit: it stains my bathroom walls!

At my old house, the paint was somewhat of a dark color in the bathroom. Now that I’ve moved to a place that has wallpaper with a white background, I immediately noticed that the Renuzit spray left brown streaks down the wallpaper of my guest bath. I assume the brown streaks come from the cinnamon in the spray, but it’s very unsightly.

At first, I didn’t know what in the world was on my wallpaper. I would wash it off, but within a few days I’d notice that the streaks were back again. It almost looked like someone had thrown a cup of coffee at the wall! I finally came to realize that it was the Renuzit spray causing the ugly brown streaking.

I still use Renuzit Home Fragrance Spray because I’m very fond of the apple and cinnamon smell, but I avoid using it in the bathroom with the light-colored wallpaper and I don’t point it towards furniture, curtains or other light surfaces.

I still recommend Renuzit to friends, but I make sure that I tell them about the streaking. Some fragrances, like Gardenia, doesn’t have the cinnamon, so it doesn’t produce the unsightly streaking. Use Renuzit if you want your house to smell great, but be careful where you spray it!

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