Stanley PowerLock 30′ Measuring Tape

I have occasion to do a fair amount of measuring in my various pursuits. As a ham radio operator, I have to measure out antenna elements. As a former construction worker and a handyman I have used a tape measure more times than I can count. Having moved several times in as many years, I have had to measure spaces for new furniture periodically. I recently lost an old tape measure and had to replace it. Since my old tape measure had been a Stanley tape measure and it had withstood many years of use and abuse, I replaced my old Stanley tape measure with a new Stanley PowerLock 30′ measuring tape.

Stanley tape measures have a number of features that add to their durability and ease of use. First of all, the Stanley PowerLock tape measures have a smooth retraction that is neither too fast nor too slow to be practical. The tape retracts easily and smoothly regardless of how much the tape has been extended. Second, the Stanley PowerLock measuring tapes use Mylar polyester coated blade to protect the readability and strength of the tape itself. Third, the hook at the end of the measuring tape is riveted with three rivets to make sure the hook does not get ripped off and to make sure that the measurements stay accurate. Fourth, the case of the Stanley PowerLock measuring tape is is chrome plated foor strength and durability. Fifth, the blade is marked in a high contrast yellow and black color scheme for heightened readability. And sixth, the locking mechanism on the Stanley measuring tape is strong and reliable, which is important since one of the most annoying problems with many tape measures is a weak or unreliable mechanism.

I have had occasion to use other brands of measuring tapes such as Craftsman and other generic brands from major home improvement stores, but I find that I always prefer the Stanley brand tape measures over these competing measuring tape manufacturers. It is true that the Stanley PowerLock measuring tapes do cost quite a bit more than generic measuring tapes, but the Stanley measuring tapes are reliable, durable, readable, and strong. The Stanley tapes are durable enough for heavy construction work, but easy enough to use for smaller and lighter jobs, such as the work I do making ham radio antennas. The Stanley measuring tapes are durable enough to survive a rough and tumble beating in my Craftsman toolbox. There is quite simply no comparison with the reliability and ease of use in a Stanley PowerLock measuring tape. Stanley measuring tapes are available at any reputable hardware or home improvement store, but if you purchase a new Stanley measuring tape you will not have to buy a new one for many years to come (unless you lose one like I did).

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