Repair Your Plastic Laminate Countertop

Discovering loose laminate on a countertop is upsetting, but discovering a burn is an absolute nightmare. After taking good care of a plastic laminate countertop, the last thing you want to find is irreparable damage. Unfortunately, you can be ever so careful, and even still, it can become damaged, burned, and the laminate can become loose.

If you find your plastic laminate countertop burned or coming off, don’t panic. You don’t have to replace the entire countertop. It isn’t hard to repair a plastic laminate countertop if it isn’t too badly damaged. Surface burns can be rubbed out, and there are solutions for removing or concealing deeper burns. Loose laminate can be reattached properly so it will never come loose again.

Repairing Loose Plastic Laminate

If the top layer on your countertop is coming off, it’s not difficult to repair. All you need to repair loose laminate on a countertop is contact cement, a few strong toothpicks, and a rolling pin.

Begin the repair by pulling back the loose laminate and brushing contact cement on the base of the countertop. Coat the back of the laminate by laying it back down and pressing it lightly against the base. Pull the loose laminate back up, and prop it up with toothpicks until the contact cement is very tacky and almost dry. Read contact cement label instructions, and keep the laminate propped up about five minutes less than the estimated drying time. Doing so will ensure the laminate stays in place and adheres properly to the countertop base once it’s pressed into place.

After the allotted time has passed, remove the toothpicks, and press it into place. Immediately go over it with a rolling pin to work out any air bubbles and smooth it down. Allow the glue beneath the laminate plenty of time to dry before setting anything on the countertop in the area of the repair.

Repairing Minor Burns

A minor burn on a laminate countertop can cause a slight discoloration or dull spot. Most minor burns can be rubbed away simply and easily. Apply toothpaste to a damp rag and work it into the burned area. Minor marks should come off with a little scrubbing and polishing, but if the burn is deep, you may have to take drastic measures to permanently get rid of the burn marks.

Solutions for Major Damage

If the plastic laminate countertop has a deep burn or damaged area, consider completely cutting out that area of the countertop and replacing it with a heatproof insert or a hotplate. Look into various options at home improvement stores. This is a reasonable alternative to replacing the entire countertop because of a deep burn or other irreparable surface damage.

Heat-resistant ceramic tiles are another solution for repairing a bad burn or damaged spot. Choose ceramic tiles that compliment the color of the countertop, properly align the tiles with the edge of the counter, and glue the tiles over the damaged area.

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