Replace Heating System Filters Regularly to Save Energy


Energy Saving Tips

Pet hair, dust, and debris – your heater’s air filter can be a scary sight. Keeping your air filter clean isn’t just hygienic, but can also save money on energy. Clean, or replace, your heating system’s air filter at least once every three months, especially during heavy use periods.

Heaters rely on air filters to clean the air flowing into the system, which not only protects the heater’s mechanical components but also your health. When a filter becomes clogged, it slows air flow and can eventually lead to system failure.

Air filters are easy to clean or replace. Some models are designed to be cleaned off with a vacuum cleaner, while other filters are disposable and should be replaced by a new filter. Check your system manual for more information. Cleaning your filter every three months will keep your heating system working properly and save you a bundle of money.

ENERGY CORNER™ is written by James and Andréa Symanski, authors of the book Save Your Energy.

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