Replacing Aluminum Windows Yourself

Professional window installers would love for you to believe that replacing your aluminum windows is an overwhelming task. When in reality, replacing your aluminum windows is actually much easier than it may appear. All you need is a little time, patience and the right tools.

Tools and Materials:

Spray Adhesive (depending upon your replacement window)


Hack Saw





Tape Measure

New Aluminum Window

Important Note: While most of the time you should install and replace your windows from the inside of your house, aluminum windows must be installed from the outside.

Step One Measuring:

Measuring your aluminum windows accurately is the most important step you can do to insure that your new windows will fit and work properly.

The first thing you will want to do is measure the width of your windows. Remove the screen and observe which flange sticks up the furthest. That flange is the one you will want to measure from. Measure it from the top middle and bottom of your windows. The next thing you will need to do is measure the height of your window. Once again notice which flange sticks out the furthest and measure the distance between it and the top of the window at the middle, right and left sides of the window.

You will want to use the narrowest measurements to determine the size of your new aluminum window. You can also take your measurements with you to the store you will be purchasing the windows from and they will be able to assist you with picking out the appropriate window for your home.

Step Two Removing The Old Aluminum Window:

The first thing you will want to do when removing the old aluminum window is to remove the screen. You can now remove the panel of the window that moves by simply pushing it out of place. Once that is done you will have to remove the fixed panel. This panel is usually attached with screws, so all you will have to do to remove it is unscrew the screws. You will now have to remove the meeting rail. The meeting rail usually can be unscrewed as well. If it does not attach with screws you will need to use your saw and saw the rail out. You are now done removing the old aluminum window.

Step Three Preparing The Frame For Installation:

Aluminum windows are easier to install than traditional windows because they simply set into place. That being said the window opening needs to be prepared correctly in order for the window to be installed properly. Place the new window into the opening, if there are pieces sticking out that can keep the window from fitting properly, make sure to remove them or sand them down. For the adhesive to work properly you will also need to make sure the window and the window opening are dry.

Step Four Installing The New Aluminum Window:

You are now to the final stage in replacing your aluminum window. Remember every window is different so consult the included directions before installing. These directions are just a general guideline.

If your window comes with adhesive strips, remove the backing. If it doesn’t come with adhesive strips you will need to spray adhesive onto the window frame. Set the new window into the frame. It is important that your new aluminum window is hung plum and square or else it will not operate correctly. So use your square and measure every corner. If it isn’t square you can use shims to level the window out. Once your aluminum window is hung square you can now use the screws to mount the window unit to the window frame. Most replacement windows come with screws for this job. Make sure you do not over tighten the screws. Now it is time to test the windows, if they work properly you can use your caulk to seal up your window to prevent any water damage.

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