Restaurant Reviews in the Binghamton, NY Area

As a student who has lived in the Binghamton area, I have been to quite a few restaurants. For anyone who wants advice on restaurants in the local area and the inside scoop on each restaurant, feel free to read my comments and suggestions about each restaurant.

By far, the best place to get quality Italian food is Olive Garden. The place is perfect to take a date because soft italian music is played in the background and the service is excellent. The waitors are really friendly and the selection is also pretty good. As for the food, it is good but not amazing. However you will certaintly not regret your decision to go. As for the cost, it can be at times expensive depending on what foods you get. After tip, tax, and drinks, each person usually averages about $20 per person. To get there you will also need someone to drive their car or take a taxi because no bus route goes towards it. Of course the free breadsticks and salad is a great plus and makes for a filling meal.

I think that the best overall restaurant is Texas Roadhouse. The place serves a widev range of food from steak to fish. All of the food is very good no matter what you decide to order. The service could be a little better but you don’t have to wait that long before a waitor takes your order. The prices are also amazing. The are very reasonable and you won’t end up spending that much per person for your meal. The scenery at the restaurant is also like a ports bar with teelvisions airing sports game.

Another good place that is much better to go for lunch and breakfast is Denny’s restaurant. The food is dirt cheap because its breakfast food. The service is good and they have every type of breakfast food you could want. They have their own parking lot and they are right off the highway and easy to find. It is very similat to an IHOP restaurant which is famous for its pancakes.

A great place for steak is a restaurant simply called “4.” Sometimes it takes a while to get your food but the steak is out of this world. To get such great food you will have to pay a little more than in other restaurants but it is well worth it. The service is average, partly because they get so many customers night in and night out. Often the waiting line to get to sit down at a table takes about 15-45 minutes.

Another cheap and not facny restaurant is Friendly’s. It is a restaurant similar to a diner. They are most famous for their delicious ice-cream but the rest of their food like their burgers are good too. I have had problems in the past getting a waitor to serve my table. Sometimes you personally have to beckon a waitor to take your order. The food prices are very reasonable and you certainly get your money’s worth. The restaurant is also located off of the highway and is easy to get to.

Finally, there is the Hooters restaurant. It is great for all sports fan who want to watch a sports game or get served by gorgeous women who wear tight tops and short skirts. The televisions are all big screen and when a bunch of sports fans gather for an event it is a really friendly and exciting environment to be in. When the place isn’t busy, the waitresses interact and talk with you. Of course, Hooters is most famous for thier wings which are amazing. The rest of their food is just average but you really don’t go there for the food.

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