We all sat in front of the big screen T.V watching the battle. Battle? It was more like an anililation. Our side was slaughtering the enemy right, left, up and down. We didn’t miss a stroke. Our fearless leader was in front of his troops in the valley doing the most damage. He was in charge. His breast plate had LOL, KOK inscribed on it it large red letters. The dead were piling up on the groud sterting to float in blood that hadn’t soaked into the earth but was rising higher than the horse’s chests making it harder for the foe to manuever. Large birds of prey were accumalating, picking the flesh off of the loosers. As the battle wound down, four winged generals went to the side lines on higher grond to sort out the prisoners at a makeshift court where our King was questioning them. The reporter got up close with her microphone and we heard, “Sir, do you remember when I was flooded out of my home and my family and I were starving. You sat down at your dinner table and ignored my needs for weeks.” “I have never laid my eyes on you before! You’ve mistaken me for someone else. Please, have mercy!” was the indignant and angry response. “No, sir. It was you and I was in the face of every Katrina victim that was posted on T.V and bulletins everywhere. You sir are quilty of showing no mercy!”, our King roared. The hapless man was hauled off to a giant barbeque pit (not to be fed!). His attorney was already there being grilled, literally. Then a lady came up humbly before the King. “M’am, step to my right side, you will be well taken care of. You were kind to me at the infirmary in jail every time you visited.” “Sir, I appreciate your kindness, but I think someone else deserves this place of honour, I’ve never met you before.” “Yes, m’am, you have. I was on death row when you and your Sunday school class came to offer bible studies. I was in the heart of every convicted criminal you helped see the truth.”

I didn’t have the stomach to watch any more, but I was in a hyponotic trance. I’m so glad I’m not over there! Years earlier I had been in the middle of a sentence at work when a loud noise erupted from some unseen place. I saw the look of amazement in my co-worker’s face for just a split second before I was sucked up into some huge whirl wind, completely naked and unashamed! Millions of us were spiraling upward towards a huge figure with a trumpet in his hands. We passed the sun,(every sun),planets, and galaxies till we were deposited in this land,on the other side of the rainbow,(sorry, no wizards here to take us back home, for that matter no wicked witches either). We were far away from the war zone in front of us now. Seven years of hard times fell on those we left at home waiting for the proper time for our worthy commander to intervene in world affairs. Now those that hadn’t listened to us while we were in hearing distance were being convicted or released. A shout went up from all of us when we recognized a new convert and winner and we toasted each other with our wine glasses. We cried one last time for all those that got thrown into the large pit. I had to cover my ears, the screeching, pleading, cursing and howling that escaped the pit every time the lid was opened was demonic, for all the demons had been encarcerated first. What a waste, they had all been there at the beginning, how could they let one little guy with a red tail talk them into an insurrection? What dopes. Lucifer had not created a singe thing out of nothing, but chaos out of everything.

At last, business completed, the army returned home, white horses prancing, nares flaring with victory. The troops were complete, we hadn’t lost one! All the soldiers were full of energy and excitement. While most of us had watched the engagement down below, the natives of this land had been busy preparing a feast. The King was ready to take his bride, to the victor go the spoils,and boy, were we a spoiled lot, none of us deserved what we were going to recieve. He wouldn’t wed her till everything was unblemished. We were all headed to the best and last wedding we’d ever attend. His bride was dressed in the finest silk and gold that blood could redeem. The table was ladden with the purest wine and food available and slowly, slowly, we began to forget our past lives,loves and losses. We had a new future, different goals, we had eternity. This was one marriage that would never see the divorce courts.(After all,there weren’t any lawyers here, get over it, there’s no need, you lawyers have enough time to learn a new trade!)

After the reception and festivities we all approached a great white throne where a huge ball of light rested. On the right side of the royal seat stood a man that had earned the privilege of that position. We all stood before the throne of grace by ourselves, we only were responsible for our live’s deeds. Each of us were read to from a huge book and all that was credited to our defense was the “blood”. This was sufficient, because after the reading every word against us vanished from the pages. I never thought red blood could bleach out my black past!. After we were judged eligible we were assigned cities to rule. Some of us recieved ten, five and one. I got one and was totally pleased. No one argued with the results of the book. We were too elated with our rewards after having seen “the pit”. We returned to the globe where all life had started. The birds and wild animals had cleaned up the combat zone and there remained no sign of conflict. We would now start the reconstruction of what should have taken place from the garden of eden. From Genesis to Revelation, years of detouring, we were back at the beginning.

postscript: LOL and KOK mean- Lord of Lords and King of Kings

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