Review: D-Con No-See, No-Touch Mouse Trap

Several weeks ago I had a really bad mouse problem. I found that the little critters had been in my cupboards where I stored boxes of rice and bags of beans. I saw where they had gnawed to their way into the bags and boxes and left their droppings behind. It wasn’t only my kitchen that was targeted by these varmints. They had gotten into my bedroom, and at night I heard noises, but I wasn’t sure from where they came. One night I heard gnawing sounds coming from my dresser drawer. I opened the drawer to find a mass of confetti that used to be college term papers.

I was at a loss for what to do because I have pets. I couldn’t leave poison around for fear my cat or dog would get into it. I was also afraid of the snap mouse traps for fear of injuring my fur babies. I decided to try to D-Con round mouse trap. It was easy to bate from the underside of it. Just read the directions-it’s easy. I put peanut butter in where the bate goes, but you can use cheese or some other treat for the mouse to sniff out.

The D-Con no touch round mouse trap is really a no see no touch mouse trap. It works just the way it is advertised. I am a bit squeamish when it comes to killing animals, even if those animals are pests, but not seeing them makes it a bit easier. This mouse trap is easy to use; you just bait it and twist it once to set it. When a mouse is caught in the trap, you will be alerted by the indicator on the top of the trap. When the trap is set correctly the indicator will say “set” and when a mouse is trapped in the device it will say “mouse caught”.

The D-Con no-view, no-touch mouse trap is a little pricey. Two traps come per package; I bought mine at Walgreens Pharmacy for about $5. This is a single-use product, but worth the price if you want to get rid of a mouse without seeing it or having to touch it. I disposed of the traps in the outside trash receptacle, and the mouse was gone. Apparently I only had two mice, I bought two traps and they worked like a charm. I haven’t seen anymore mice since then. I found it the safest way to get rid of mice and keep my dog and cat safe from harm. I suggest everyone with pets use this kind of trap, but still use safety precautions. I have childproofed my cupboards to keep my cat from opening it. I doubt my cat could get hurt with this trap, but I did not want to take any chances. I have nothing but good things to say about the D-Con no see no touch mouse trap.

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