Review: Whirlpool Duet Model GHW9150P Front-loading Washer

From the moment my husband and I moved in together I started talking about getting a new washer and dryer set. Not that there was anything wrong with the set that I had, it was just older. For two years I lusted after the new front loading models going on the market. Every time I passed by the appliance department in the store I worked in I stopped and looked at them wondering if I would ever be able to call them mine.

In May 2005, I finally got my wish. The dryer I had previously finally dried it’s last load of clothes and refused to dry another. We decided at that point that we may as well get a matching set and that we wanted something that was not only functional but looked nice as well, since the laundry room was just inside our back door and could not be hidden behind a door. We decided on the whirlpool duet model and made our purchase to be delivered the following week.

As the delivery men drove away from our house I immediately began a frantic search for laundry to wash. I was amazed at the washer and its capacity for laundry from that very first cycle. Now nearly three years later it has not disappointed me yet.

The washer is very user friendly and even my husband has been known to throw a load in the washer on occasion, which as most women know is very rare. The rotary cycle selector is easy to use and provides many commonly used cycles such as Bulky Items (great for bedding), Sanitary, Normal/Casual, Delicates/Hand Washables, Active Wear, Whitest Whites, Silk, Wool, and Quick Wash. There are also cycles for soaking, Rinse/Spin and Drain/Spin. In choosing any of these cycles a preprogrammed time, temperature, and spin speed is set though they can be adjusted for some of the cycles. Most items can be washed on the Normal/Casual Cycle though there are times when each cycle comes in handy, even if it is occasionally.

In addition after a cycle is chosen with the rotary knob additional features can be utilized. These features include soak, pre-wash, extra rinse, and a delay wash timer. There are five different temperature settings and the end of cycle indicator can be turned off or switched between two volume levels.

The problem with most washers is that they can be noisy when they are spinning. This washer does not have this problem as long as it is level. The clothes go in dirty and come out looking like new. The settings are user friendly and the time it cuts due to it’s high capacity make this washer a good investment, especially if you have mountains of clothes to wash. The one downside of this product is that it is rather expensive, though in my opinion it is worth every penny. Be prepared to spend a bit more on detergent for front loading models because they require the use of high efficiency (he) detergent. I don’t regret my decision to purchase this model. It’s been nothing but wonderful to me.

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