Review of the DiscLabel CD & DVD Labeling Software for the Macintosh

The Macintosh computer is an amazing tool that easily integrates many forms of media – namely music, video, and photography. The common standard for transporting all this media is a simple disc, either the CD or DVD. For presentation purposes, there are a number of programs available that will allow you to create your own CD and DVD labels. The program that I have come to love is DiscLabel.

DiscLabel is a great tool for creating templates and utilizing artwork to produce fun and professional looking labels for CDs and DVDs, as well as their accompanying cases.

I first came across DiscLabel several years ago at a Macworld convention, and as I created a lot of music CDs, it seemed like a worthy purchase. I was delighted to find that just as Apple’s iLife programs integrate seamlessly with each other, so too does DiscLabel integrate with the iLife Suite. A quick selection will import playlists from iTunes and photos from iPhoto. With a number of templates available to choose from, a label can be created within scant seconds.

Because I like my labels to contain specific details of tracks, in a certain order, I was also thrilled to find that DiscLabel has provided me with all the tools to create and adjust my labels in any number of ways. I can increase and decrease the size of the artwork and type. I can change colors, locations, and make other adjustments to the label elements as I see fit. I can use whatever font I decide to properly fit the music or movie, and since I tend to be Photoshop savvy, I can also import my own created artwork.

Text can also be manipulated manually or with preset lists. For example, you can select a track listing to read as song, artist & song, artist; song; track length, etc. I find this incredibly useful, and the quick import of playlists from iTunes is a great time-saver as compared to when I used to type out or copy & paste my labels.

For printing, the CD and DVD labeling software comes preloaded with dozens of CD and DVD label guides, so that all you need to do is select the brand and style of the labels you intend to print on, and the software will adjust accordingly.

DiscLabel even includes a quick link to a web store where you can purchase all your CD and DVD supplies.

In the past, I have had questions about certain features of DiscLabel, and I always received prompt answers from customer support. Updates are frequent, adding new templates and features, and a handy alert system lets you know when a new update is available.

After using DiscLabel just a few times, I was instantly hooked on its capabilities and ease of use. The software is comprehensive but the initial learning curve is rather small. As far as utility software for CD and DVD labeling, I personally cannot imagine a more useful tool than DiscLabel.

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