Review of the Lockport Inn & Suites Motel

The Lockport Inn & Suites motel is located in Lockport, NY. It is a motel with 90 guest rooms. Along with regular guest rooms, it has jacuzzi and fireplace suites also. They have both smoking and non-smoking rooms.

Upon arrival of the motel, the outside looks like a small, convenient motel to stop at through your travels. There is a nice inground swimming pool around the back of the motel. They are doing some remodeling and adding on. As time goes on, the motel is getting more attractive on the outside.

The inside of the rooms are beautiful. They have regular guest rooms and two different jacuzzi suites. One of them is one full room with a bed, tv, fireplace, sink, refrigerator, and jacuzzi. The bathroom is beautiful and has another sink and a jetted tub with shower. The ceiling is high with a gorgeous and bright chandelior.

The other jacuzzi suite is two separate rooms. When you walk in, there is a bed, tv, refrigerator, and fireplace. There is a hallway with a bathroom and a living room. The living room has a tv, couch, fireplace, and jacuzzi. The suite is often used for honeymoons.

The beds have very comfortable and soft mattresses with nice bedding. The fireplaces are gas and turn on and off with a switch. It heats the room very well but there is also a thermostat to control room temperature.

This motel is located near shopping centers and restaurants. It is within walking distance. The price for the jacuzzi suites are around $150 for a night. They have free movies you can order during your stay. They are recent and older movies so you have a variety. You can also just watch regular television.

The only con I found to this motel was the cleanliness. The room itself was clean but the jacuzzi, which everyone would use, was slightly dirty. It looked like it was cleaned but was not done properly. I did inform the owners when leaving that it was slightly dirty. They did apologize but I was not overly concerned with it because I could tell they cleaned it, just not good enough and I had been there before when it was perfectly fine.

The motel is family owned and operated. They are very pleasant to deal with and will help you if you have any problems or concerns. The experience was wonderful and I would recommend this motel to everyone. It would be a great getaway vacation or for a special occasion.

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