Review of the London Fog Umbrella

I love my London Fog umbrella and cannot image living without it. Winter in Seattle means rain. Other parts of the country get bombarded with cold temperatures, ice, and snow. Seattle area gets cold rain. Yes, sometimes we get snow and ice. Here the ice is called ‘black ice’. Regardless, upon moving to the Seattle area I learned one thing. I needed to buy a London Fog umbrella to protect myself. My umbrella is a necessity in the Seattle area. It offers many features – as discussed in this article.

The London Fog umbrella I have is one I consider my personal ‘safety umbrella’. It has various features that protect my well being in addition to helping me stay dry. In other words, it is multi-purpose. For instance, it has a three-inch stem, which would come in handy during a personal attack. All I would need to do is stab the jerk and run. Even though I have not had to use my London Fog umbrella for personal safety reasons yet, this is a great reason for my London Fog umbrella being a necessity.

My London Fog umbrella also has a very sturdy center pole. The center pole is about two and one half feet long. The length gives me extra security while walking. Attached to one end is the long stem. Attached to the other end is my user-friendly handle. The sturdy center pole in my London Fog umbrella helps it become a necessity to me.

I love my London Fog umbrella’s handle. It is a semi-circle and so easy to grasp. I can lean on my umbrella to ease my aching feet quite easily with this handle to hold. The handle is about an inch in diameter. That is a perfect size for me. This is yet another reason that my London Fog umbrella is a necessity.

Another feature that I love about my London Fog umbrella is the automatic opening mechanism. Yes, that is right. I do not have to manually push open my umbrella. I simply push the button and POP!! It is open. All I need is ample room to perform this operation. I just love my London Fog umbrella with this mechanism.

My London Fog umbrella has thick spokes. These add to the durability of my umbrella. My London Fog umbrella is extra durable due to many spokes being attached to it. There are spokes attached to the fabric that are then attached to some spokes that are attached to the center pole. These in turn, are attached to a spring on the center pole. My London Fog umbrella is not flimsy. As flimsy and durable as my London Fog umbrella is, I still would not use it in super strong winds. Everything has its limits. I still love my London Fog umbrella.

My London Fog umbrella is made out of durable 100% nylon. The color is black. This material is just excellent for weatherproof coverage. I never get any drippage. There is a Velcro stab/strip on the topside of my umbrella to ease with securing my umbrella when not in use. All I need to do is let my umbrella dry out, close it, and wrap this strip around my umbrella. Nice and easy. This makes my London Fog umbrella compact. This is yet another reason why I love my London Fog umbrella.

Another benefit of my London Fog umbrella is the cost. My umbrella cost only around $20. I complained about the cost at first. It has lasted me for years. It is still in great condition and going strong.

Whenever I carry my black, large London Fog umbrella I feel safe. I feel safe from potential predators, and protected from rain. I feel prepared for anything. My London Fog umbrella is a necessity to me.

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