Review of the Rubbermaid Small Step Stool

I’ve owned a Rubbermaid Small Step Stool for several years. I initially purchased it for use with my small daycare children, they needed a small stool that would allow them to wash their hands by themselves. I also needed one that was small and light enough that they could move it by themselves to the sink.


This stool is small, but don’t let the size fool you, it is very sturdy! It measures 11 inches by 9 inches, and is 7 inches tall. Both the top and feet have non-skid properties built in. The top has a texture to it that makes it slip resistant. Each of the wide four feet are also skid resistant.

This is stackable if you choose to purchase more than one of them. Rubbermaid also makes a larger size that looks identical to this, measuring 15 1/2″ x 12 1/2″ W x 9 1/2″ high. My step stool is colored white.

The stool, like most Rubbermaid products, is made of a very sturdy plastic, it is quite heavy duty!


* Do Not Exceed 200 Pounds
* Do Not Jump on Stool
* For Indoor Use Only
* Not for Adult Use

My Personal Experience

This stool comes in very handy if you intend to use it with small children. Because our main bathroom is not very big, we initially attempted to use a fold up stool. The children could not open this easily and it posed a risk of pinching their little fingers. This small Rubbermaid stool was a perfect solution. It’s just the right height, and at only 7″ tall, they aren’t going to get hurt if they are messing around and accidentally fall off.

Occasionally I have even used this to help children who are getting potty trained. Sometimes it’s easier for them to have something to rest their feet on. Some kids are afraid of falling into the toilet and this stool can help them balance themselves on the potty.

I do find that the non-slip feet work as they were designed – they do not slip. While Rubbermaid states on this stool that it is not intended for adults, I do use it occasionally. I guess as long as I don’t weigh 200 pounds, I’m safe! I’m only 5′ 2″ tall, and I find this stool handy for reaching items in the tall cupboards in my kitchen. It’s big enough that I feel secure while standing on it, and I don’t worry about it slipping on our hard wood floor.

Now that I am caring for older children, ages 6-12, this stool is still being used. The kids use it in the toy room for different things, such as getting a puzzle out of the closet, sitting on it, and even using it as a mini table.

Rubbermaid has been giving us products to make our lives easier for over 70 years, and I have always found their kitchen and household items to be of good quality.

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