Riding to Your Health with an Exercise Cycle at Home

Sometimes the pleasure on a bicycle is not what scenery you’re passing, but just the fun of pumping the pedals around in that familiar motion. Well, with stationary bikes, you can not only enjoy your pedaling you can have one in your own home and put your own scenery in front of you-books, TV, the window, your family. And even though this stationary type of bike is referred to as an exercise bike, you can have the same exhilarating experience of biking while you are getting the utmost in aerobic exercise, muscle fitness and all around health and wellbeing. Exercise cycles have been and still are the popular fitness equipment for the home. All ages, all sizes and all conditions of people can get a great cardio workout and fitness training on these stationary cycles. For those people who already love riding a bike outdoors for exercise, this is a way to continue on in inclement weather. If you are like a cat in the rain when it comes to riding a bike in cold weather, an indoor cycle might be just what you need.

Many people might say the best exercise is not having to worry about it. But, people would agree that riding bicycles is a national enjoyable pastime and exercise and one that promotes good feelings which itself is a large part of health and wellness. And with the availability today of affordable bikes that are stationary for your home, you’ll find no more excuses about finding time to get the exact level of exercise and fitness you need and would like to maintain.

So what type of indoor cycle will you buy? There actually is a choice of types and well-known brands. There are upright bikes which simulate the action of a real bike. There are fan bikes that use a fan resistance system so that to increase resistance you pedal faster. And there are recumbent cycles where you lean back and pedal with your legs out in front of you. Fitness equipment specialists say that the recumbent bikes alleviates pressure from your back, and their wide bucket seats are also a good back support.

When looking into stationary bikes you’ll need to take these pointers into consideration:

– Find the best seat for your own comfort. Seats vary from narrow and hard to wide and soft.
– Make sure your seat and pedals are adjustable for you and the model will accommodate your weight
– Check for a silent magnetic resistance which provides a sooth and quiet workout
– Check for toe straps to keep your feet in the proper position
– Check the display windows for the features you’d like such as speed tracking, time, distance, calories, pulse, and resistance level
– Check for sturdy construction, no wobbles
– Look for a good warranty
– Make sure your exercise bike has a rack for magazines
– Will you need to move your cycle and if so, can you do it easily
– Check the number of programs on the cycle to keep your enthusiasm and interest going
– Will you want a fan

It’s best that you also test out the bike you are considering for at least 10-15 minutes for comfort and stability. And then, you’ll be off pedaling to better health, weight loss, trimming, or whatever you’ve planned for your cycling program

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