Ripping Off the Band-Aid to Unplug

Do we all have overactive minds, or is it a state of normalcy for where we are in the twenty-first century? I often wonder if I’m the only one who needs the music streaming, phone lights blaring, Facebook pinging, and Twitter chirping-all at the same time. Headaches, stress, anxiety and fatigue can all be a result of this lifestyle, but it doesn’t seem to slow anyone down. People can’t even drive down the block without their phones whining for an instant response.

If you’re part of a generation that had to once live without the powers of instant communication, you might have an easier time unplugging. But if you’re part of Generation Z (Born between 2000-2013), it might be all you’ve ever known, and therefore more difficult. Changing this habit might be compared to going from an all food diet to a vegetable only diet, overnight.

What would happen if you turned it all off?

For most people, it’s like an addiction. Forgetting or losing a cell phone is nothing less than painful. It’s hard to remember that you never knew you needed it until you had it. But like coming off of any addiction, it’s hard and can feel impossible. But once you get past the withdrawal phase, the feeling of loss becomes less.

Sometimes it’s necessary to purposely unplug. And for some this might be a welcoming experience-easy and relaxing. But if you are too far lost within a wifi connection, here are some solutions to help you stay away from any message transporting device for at least a day.

1. Shut it all off and hide it. Out of sight, out of mind.
2. Cook, paint, draw, read (An actual tangible book), or exercise.
3. Go out with real life people and enjoy face to face conversations.
4. Go shopping
5. When all else fails, meditate and try yoga.

If you can manage to tie up your time with all or some of these activities, you might find yourself not even thinking about phones or social media. Another plus is that your mind will rest easy and you’ll sleep better. Could you imagine actually waking up refreshed? No promises on that one, but it’s worth a try.

My disclaimer: I do not intend to attempt this ridiculousness. I can’t wait until I can have a wifi network chip installed into my brain. (Just kidding)

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