Rising Gas Prices: Are Americans Really that Concerned?

Gas prices are going up by the second. Every day on the news, you see people expressing their outrage to the cameras. Yet, I don’t see that many actively doing anything about it. I wonder how outraged people really are?

Personally, I make every effort to do what I can to save gas. When I have to pump gas, I do it during the coolest part of the day, and have tried the “slow-pump” method that was sent to me by email. I keep my speed at the posted limit, coast when I see the traffic light change, watch my start-up speeds, and even coast down steep hills. I do worry about getting a ticket for the speed that I obtain while coasting, but maybe, considering the current economic mess we are all in, the nice policeman will give me a break.

I have suffered through a cold winter with my thermostat set at 60-62 degrees. I have become a recluse because I cannot afford to go anywhere.

People say that they are concerned. Yet I still get the speed demons that insist on sitting on my tail, even though I am doing the speed limit. I see the young adults that drive as though gas is free. Maybe it is for them, because Mom and Dad are paying for their gas. Many may say that kids should have a chance to be kids, so let them drive as they want. I believe that, in the long run, it is important for kids to be involved with the gas crisis and learn how to change their behavior and be more economically responsible. This will help them survive possible financial situations in the future, if there is one.

As I go past the high school, I see so many of the cars with one driver. The line extends forever. I feel that the schools should come up with a plan that involves a car-pool system. I know that most of the students are going to jobs, but I feel that there can be some sort of reduction in the number of single drivers. If they are offered a reduction in the cost of a parking permit, maybe they could be convinced to deal with a few minutes delay in the start of their afternoon activities.

We all talk about boycotting specific gas companies, yet it is impossible to do. We are reliant upon gas just to be able to get to work. Many of us, myself included, have to get another job just to pay for gas to put in the tank.

I want to see proof, on paper, as to WHY we have higher prices then when the oil rigs were affected by hurricanes. If we have a bad hurricane season this year, how high will they insist on raising the prices?

I would also like to see the oil company executives’ pay stubs. Have any of these VIPs have considered doing their part, as us typical Joe’s are doing, to reduce the amount of gas consumed? I don’t know how much difference it would make, but their actions would speak volumes.

The poor gas station owners are becoming the poor farmers of America. Just as we need the farmers of America, we also need gas stations. Yet the ones that are trying to bring the things to us that we need are just as financially in trouble as the farmers. How many people have lost their homes or businesses because of the price of gas?

Hey, VIPs of the oil companies, tell me this: Have you ever had to decided between putting gas in your car or buying healthy food? Putting gas in the car or making a payment to keep your utilities on? Putting gas in your car or keeping your house warmer than 60 degrees in the winter? Wanting to quit that second or third job so that you can take care of your family or house – if you still have one – but not being able to because you need to put gas in the car? Only going to work or home because you can’t afford to do anything else? Eating only things like potatoes or eggs because the money that you would use to buy meat has to go into the gas tank? Putting in only a few dollars of gas at a time, because you have a medical condition that calls for the purchase of medicine to keep alive?

How embarrassing is it that a pizza company sells pizza for 25 cents, and the images shown in the news looks like something out of the depression era? People having to bring back unused tools that they purchased in order to get cash for food?

Many of the upper-income bracket will say we should get better jobs. Not everyone has the skills or can afford to obtain the skills to get a better paying job. Some have suddenly gone from being a stay-at-home mom to a divorced mom. Taking a job locally at a lower paying job may be more financially sensible than taking a higher paying job that is farther away, which costs too much to get to, plus added costs of parking, fancy clothes, and day care. We can’t all be in the upper management positions. Someone has to work the lower positions.

I think the government needs to somehow come up with a solution to this problem. I think they need to come up with a plan and a law that forces the oil companies and their executives to be more responsible and cut unnecessary costs – like free health club memberships and a new oak desk. The government has to stop being afraid of these groups that seem to have more say than the regular people. The oil companies are going to bankrupt everyone, including big business.

I don’t know what the answer is. I do know that if something isn’t done soon, there will be no America left. I think that we, the people, need to get more vocal about this issue. They need to become more responsible over their habits and grow up. We need to make the oil companies provide proof for the reason for these insane prices.

We need to truly become outraged.

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