Robomaid: The No-Hands Cleaning Tool

Anyone who has experience with hard surface flooring knows that dusting and sweeping is a constant problem. Whether you have hard wood, linoleum, tile, or marble flooring, you know that dirt, dust, and pet hair can gather quickly and cause a mess. Sweeping and dusting every day can be a hassle, but if you don’t, your floors will look like they haven’t been cleaned in ages. Until now, there was no solution for this problem except for cleaning your floorsevery day by hand. Fortunately, Robomaid provides a convenient solution to this age-old dilemma.

Robomaid is an innovative product that was first introduced in Europe. Its immediate popularity grew so quickly that Robomaid was soon brought to the United States. Robomaid uses patented technology to rid your floors of dirt, dust, and pet hair. The simple, no-nonsense design of Robomaid makes it a very affordable product.

Robomaid comes with two main components: the cleaning ring and the guiding electric ball. The cleaning ring is flexible but durable. Electrostatic cleaning pads are attached to the bottom of the cleaning ring. These pads have the capability of picking up a good amount of dirt, dust, and pet hair from your floor. The electric guidance ball has a convenient timer that allows you to set the amount of time you would like Robomaid to clean your floors. Simply set the timer and place the ball inside of the cleaning ring. The ball has the ability to guide the ring across your floors, picking up dirt, dust, and pet hair along the way. The guidance ball allows the cleaning ring to travel around furniture, under tables and chairs, and along walls. The rounded, flexible shape of the cleaning ring ensures that none of your furniture will be damaged during the cleaning process. Robomaid will stop automatically when the timer is done.

Since Robomaid is cordless, it has the ability to travel long distances across your hard surface floors without stopping. The battery is completely rechargeable, which means you won’t ever have to worry about buying and replacing batteries for Robomaid. Robomaid comes with an A/C adapter so you can easily charge the battery. Since it’s battery-operated, Robomaid is completely silent while it cleans your floors.

Robomaid is ideal for any area of the home or office that has hard floors. Its works well on all hard floors, including hard wood, linoleum, tile, or marble flooring. From a small foyer to an expansive kitchen, Robomaid will efficiently clean any space. For an inexpensive price, you will be saving hours of your time and energy that you would usually spend dusting and sweeping your floors. With Robomaid, your floors will be cleaner and you will be able to concentrate on more important things.

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